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Fight for your right Let your Voice be heard

Fight for your right Let your Voice be heard

Politics – I hate them. I know I can’t be the only one. But the current Presidential race has brought up a lot of different issues along the way. We’re only a couple weeks away from voting for our next President. I’m not going to share my political views, or who I’m voting for, or my personal views. But this election has started new debates about our own rights, what we should or shouldn’t be put out there for debate by the candidates.

Throughout this whole campaign season, I’m thankful I don’t have cable TV. I don’t have to see the commercials, ads and other things about the election. For me, the feeds on social media and news websites have been more than enough. But each new debate, article and scandal makes it harder to chew. As Americans we have rights we are promised in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the Amendments have been updated over the years to reflect the change in our society, and will be updated in the future. We all have different ones we cling to, and different ones that mean more to us personally.

Last week, when I saw the hashtag #repealthe19th trending my heart broke. I honestly cannot fathom people wanting us to reverse the right for women to vote. I cannot understand the tweets, especially from women who feel we’d be happier being controlled. I’m not sure I ever will, but women sacrificed their lives for our rights to vote. Suffragettes fought and won for our voices to be heard. Without that movement, I wouldn’t be able to write these words today. You may not be able to wear pants, or even hold a job, let alone own anything in your own right.

No matter what the result of this election winds up being, that is a right I will always fight for. Not just for myself, but for young girls who are just starting out, my future children and future generations. You have to fight for your right, fight for your voice, be heard and make as much noise as it takes to be the difference. Stand up, get on your soap box, yell to the mountain tops if you have to and get ready to fight.
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