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True Rest Detroit Review

How do you relax and relieve stress? Usually, my go to stress relief is a round of yoga and a calming tea. I’ve never been a fan of massages because I’m too sensitive and they actually end up hurting me. So when I was approached by True Rest Detroit to try out their Float Spa I was intrigued.

True Rest Detroit ReviewIf you’re like me you may have never heard of a Float Spa, or Floating. In our area, True Rest Detroit is the first dedicated facility for floating, although there are locations with one or two pods throughout the state. Floating is a relaxation method where you actually float in a pod filled with an Epsom salt and water. Each pod is approximately the size of a Volkswagen Beetle and can accommodate someone well over 7 feet tall. The solution inside is 900 lbs of Epsom salt and 10 inches of water. While this seems like a lot of salt, it’s part of the main ingredient that helps you float.

True Rest Detroit ReviewBefore going to my Float appointment, I asked friends their experience and opinion on the relaxation method. With overwhelming positive responses I went to my appointment with confidence. True Rest Detroit offers six different relaxation suites in their location including a private shower and pod space for each person. That means you don’t have to worry about anyone interrupting your time to relax. Each guest also will find Vaseline in their suite (to protect any dry or cracked skin), ear plugs (be sure you use them), a towel and flip flops if you need them. True Rest also offers guests a room with access to yoga mats, hair dryers, lotion and other items you may need after your float and a quick shower.

True Rest Detroit ReviewMy first Floating experience was smooth and stress free. The staff at True Rest took me on a tour of the facility, and explained the process. After you are shown to your suite, they give you a few minutes to do a quick shower before getting into your pod. When your float is about to begin you will hear a gentle music start – this is the same music you will hear signally your float is going to end as well. I slid into my pod and instantly my legs popped up and started floating – that Epsom salt really helps.

True Rest Detroit ReviewFinding my space in the pod took me a few minutes, but I closed the lid and began to relax into the space. Once the starter music stopped, the only thing I could hear was the sound of my breath and my own heart beat. The hour float allowed me to clear my mind, and my muscles relaxed in the system. I felt more relaxed after my float than I do after an hour of yoga, and I felt more centered as well. I was able to stretch in ways I can only do after yoga and my body was ready to tackle the rest of the day.

True Rest Detroit ReviewAfter your float, and that final shower, True Rest offers a relaxing lounge with journals, coloring books, and even tea to enjoy and continue your relaxing experience. True Rest Detroit is actually located in the middle of a busy strip plaza – a location that shocked me. But once you’re inside True Rest, the outside world seems far away and you wont even hear or see any outside influences once you’re in the spa.

Would I try floating again? Absolutely, and I’m looking forward to another visit very soon. Growing up a water baby, floating is natural to me. Finding that time to center myself, ground my mind and relax is worth it and a great way to help keep me healthy and strong.

True REST Float Spa | Detroit
30911 Orchard Lake Rd
Farmington Hills, MI 48334
(248) 702-6805

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