Let Your Kids Star in a Care Bears Book with Twigtale!

twigtale care bear book review

twigtale care bear book reviewImagine if your kids could star in a book with their favorite characters! That is exactly what they can do with the custom personalized books from Twigtale. Twigtale has several different books you can customize with your child’s name and photos so they can relate to different situations easier. From moving, changes in your family, separation anxiety and even sharing, Twigtale helps you sit down, read together and helps your child grow and understand harder topics.

twigtale care bear book reviewWe were sent a code to make our own customized Sharing with Care Bears book and try out the Twigtale books and process. Since Goonie is just a bit too old for Care Bears now, I asked my friend Dani to help me out, and we set the book up for one of her little ones Carter.

The book overall is 24 pages from front to end, and I thought it would take a long time to set up the final book. As we went through the set up process through a chat window together, I figured it would take a while as long as the book it. But most of the text is already set up, and you just have to change the information so it fits your child and their story. For example, if your child only has one best friend you can edit the page about best friends. The only problem I noticed as I set the book up was there was a character limit on each line, so you may need to reword a few things to make them fit.

It only took us about 20 minutes to set it up together – and remember we’re doing this through a chat box window. She sent me the correct answers to the prompts and images associated with it. The Twigtale books do not resize or reshape your images for the boxes provided. If you want them to fit in the boxes so that have a uniform size, you would have to do this in another program ahead of time.

twigtale care bear book reviewAfter we set the book up together, I placed the order and waited. Unlike the photobook companies that can take weeks for your final product, Twigtale says your book will get to you within 7 days! Our book showed up actually within 4 days of ordering. As I flipped through the book the colors were great, the image quality was retained and there weren’t any typos (from me or the book in general!) The Sharing with Care Bears book is a soft covered book, but the pages inside are thicker than some standard kids soft covered books. This will make it less likely to get torn if your child is a bit rough on books.

We’re both extremely pleased at how easy the process was over all and how quickly the book got to us. I’m so happy to see a book with some of our favorite characters from childhood. The best part about the Twigtale books and setting them up was the majority of the book is already set up – it’s a quick edit and you can have your own customized book on it’s way to you!


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