Let them Play and Protect Your Technology with a Watch and Roll! #Christmascountdown

Watch and Roll Review
watch and roll review
It doesn’t matter what you try, the kids will take your tablet or phone and play with them. But each touch screen device is an investment that you may not want covered in peanut butter and jelly coated finger prints. But there’s a great new solution to this problem, that many parents and grand parents have been looking for. Watch and Roll is a kid safe solution to letting them use your tablet, and keep some calm in the house.

watch and roll review

Watch and Roll sent us one of their products to test out. It’s a soft fabric pouch for your tablet to slide right inot. Inside the back wall is padded and the top has kid safe handles. so they can carry it around like a purse or bag if they want to.

I tested it out with my tablet and, well, my 7 inch tablet was a bit too small. But the Watch and roll is made for iPads and 10 inch kid tablets. It will hold any of the larger kid “proof” tables as well. While my tablet seems a bit small in there, the case did still protect it from finger prints and rough touches.  watch and roll review

But the Watch and Roll does more than just hold a tablet, it actually comes with two straps so you can take it on the go with you. The larger strap hooks into the spot on the back and is big enough to wrap around the back of a car seat and hold them securely. The shorter strap locks the Watch and roll onto strollers and grocery carts while you’re on the go. With strong clasps on either one, you can secure the tablet and entertain your little one on the go.

watch and roll review

We spend a lot of money on our technology, and hope that it lasts a while. But with kids, there is not guarantee that they will last as long as they should. The Watch and Roll is a great way to help protect that investment. I loved that it helps keep sticky fingers off the screen, and we can show a movie while on the go and not have to worry about buttons being pushed while we’re driving. For only $30, this is a great way to let them watch their shows, or play games while you’re shopping or on the go.

You can find the Watch and Roll online and it comes in Purple, Blue, Camo or with Hearts. It’s a great gift option for your little one who is getting a tablet or touch screen device for the holidays.

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