musics impact on life

Let Music Fuel Your Soul

musics impact on life
Ever since I was a kid music has been a huge part of my life. From listing to music on road trips, heading to concerts by the lake and later participating in several bands throughout my high school years. Music is always part of my day, I play it while I’m working, in my classroom and often need it to get motivated to get the most boring tasks done.

What is it about music that moves our souls? Is it just because it is so relate-able? That certain songs fit the mood you’re in or the moment in your life? It’s true, that not every song works for everyone, but music is a huge part of our culture and lives.

Think of your favorite movie, and think of the songs in the film. The soundtrack is often what can make or break a story and help lead the viewer to where they want to go in the story. Composer like John Ross Jesensky help move the story and bring passion and movement to the story. And it has to be said that without music, a lot of the films we watch would be pretty boring.

But what is one of the first things that gets cut during a millage or any vote tend to be the arts. It doesn’t matter that music is one of the largest factors in a lot of people’s lives, or that music has been proven to help with math, coordination and even memorization. It often hits the chopping block before careful consideration of it’s benefits are looked through.

My years in band, jazz band, symphonic band and yes, even Santa band helped fuel the love of music in me. My years playing the trombone found me a seat in two International Symphonic bands and took me to Europe twice and got to experience different countries and cultures before I could even drive. However, support after the high school years often music a non-sustainable option for many people. It takes special scholarships, like the one for the higher learning offered by John Jesensky and several other music scholarships. These scholarships help provide the financial and sometimes supplies that young musicians need to reach their goals.

Finding ways to support your dreams and fuel your fire is exactly what music can do for you, and with the right financial support – you could be the next composer, top 40 chart breaker or even concert pianist.

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