Let Imagination Build with Brackitz Building Toys

brackitz review

brackitz review

Not all building toys are created equally. We’ve grown up with blocks and ones that snap together, but rectangular building toys can be limiting. But there is a new toy on the market that is changing how kids build, and how we think about building toys – Brackitz. Brackitz are flat planks that kids can connect together with rotating brackets so you can connect them together at any angle – meaning, there is no limit on what you can build!

brackitz reviewGoonie was sent a Brackitz Inventor’s set which is for users aged 3-103. The set came with 28 pieces and an instruction manual to get you started. Inside it came with ideas to make your own propeller plane, buildings and even a giant frog. The instructions step by step were easy to follow and ones that a kid can use to jump start their playing with the set.

brackitz reviewWith ideas in hand, Goonie went about building a frog and was proud that he could quickly make a propeller that actually spun and moved. The set was fun to play with the pop colors help make it appealing to both boys and girls. Once you get the hang of playing with the plastic set, you don’t need anything other than your imagination to build and create.

brackitz reviewThe set is pretty simple with what is included, but it provided hours of fun. While Goonie is having fun building, we absolutely love that it’s a fun STEM toy that helps him learn. Spatial learning is important and something Goonie does well in, the Brackitz helps him grow in that area and have fun while doing it. Build, create and more with the Brackitz Inventor set.

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