automoblox review

Let Creativity Drive You with Automoblox

automoblox review

Toys can help shape your child’s future, and educational toys are getting more creative as the years go on. We love tactile toys and ones that will last for years to come, and we recently were introduced to Automoblox. As car lovers, we absolutely love the concept of cars that can be built, customized and that kids can play with and collect.¬†Each vehicle includes multiple interchangeable components and sports a body made of European beech wood.

automoblox reviewWe were sent a C9 Sportscar and the Automoblox Minis set to check out and review. Inside you will find wooden and numbered cars and pieces that kids can take apart, re-assemble and customize with different parts. The C9 Sportscar has 19 pieces you can take apart and use in this kit or used with the other kits. The pieces are sturdy and can be used on different kits.

automoblox reviewThe Minis kit includes the S9 Police Cruiser, X9 Fire SUV and T900 Rescue truck. All of the kits have multiple pieces but none are extremely small, but they have put the kits for ages 3 and up.

automoblox reviewAll Automoblox sets are designed by Patrick Calello and takes the love of wooden toys and cars and mixes them with bright colors and elements that help kids learn spatially. I love the passion put into these toys, and how they take older concepts and make them new again. If you have a car lover, or someone who loves to build – Automoblox will be the perfect toy for them to learn and grown with.

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