Let Your Cookies Be a Star with these new Cookie Cutters

trudeau star cookie cutter review

trudeau star cookie cutter reviewOur cookie baking has begun! And this year I’m changing it up a bit. Normally I make our holiday sugar cookies and use a traditional biscuit cutter to make round cookies. Yes, I have bins of shapes of cookie cutters but I default to round since they’re easy to use and get our of the shape. I don’t need to worry about pieces getting stuck and trapped. This year our round cookies will be complimented with some stars of different sizes and shapes.

trudeau star cookie cutter reviewTrudeau sent me their new five piece Star Cookie Cutter Set. The set includes five different stars that nest within each other. They measure from about 2 inches (point to point) to a larger 4 inches. The bright pop pink cookie cutters are made of heavy steel and are coated but the edge remains sharp for easy punching out of your dough. Just roll out your dough, cut and repeat.

For me the stars have another added benefit, you can fit more of them in the same area due to the straight edges. That means less wasted dough and more getting done each time you roll out. The Trudeau 5 Piece Star Cookie Cutters are only $10, and fit nicely together in their box when they’re not in use. Because they are metal, they should be handwashed only, and the points aren’t too hard to wash out after you’re done using the cookie cutters. Have some fun this year and add some variety to your cookies.


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