Lessons That Anime Can Teach Us


Many people think that cartoons are for children, however a lot of the time big names like Disney will include messages which relate to adult themes and which can actually change our lives for the better.

Anime, in particular, is a type of animation which always speaks wonderful stories and they always encourage a confident, strong and capable individual. Here are some of the message which even the President of Anime would follow in his own life, and which you should too.

Try Something New

In Yowamushi Pedal we learn how trying something completely new can change your life for the better, as the main character of the anime, Onoda Sakamichi, starts up his own club and also ends up joining a cycling team. It is a message which we should all bring into our lives because trying new things can break us out of our bubble and allow us to prosper. Or you can try to play some anime games for more interactions, which sometimes can be as or more entertaining.

Respect The Natural World

Nature is something which far too many of us take for granted these days, but there are anime out there who make it their goal to teach us the importance of nature and our world as a whole. Mushi-shi is an anime which has its title character researching nature and always approaching it with caution and respect. It teaches us that the planet and the world around us are capable of great things and we should be respectful of the amazing spectacles it can produce.

Animals Are People Too

Pokemon is one of the most popular anime out there, and most of us will have spent a long period of our childhood learning about the different creatures who live in this world. The moral of Pokemon as a story is that all creatures deserve to be heard, they deserve love, respect and are as much part of our world as we are. It can teach us not to destroy the home of innocent creatures because it will damage the ecosystem.

Everyone Has Issues Behind The Scenes

Yuri!!! on Ice is an anime which can teach us that everyone has their own problems to deal with in life, even if they are seemingly confident and cocky to us. Even the most horrible person will have insecurities and problems which they have to deal with behind the scenes, and this shows is that we need to respect these people and give them a chance to work on their issues. Instead of feeling angry at someone snapping at you at work, think about whether they are having a bad day or that they may have had bad news. You never know what is happening in someone else’s life, so we should all treat each other with kindness.

No One Should Have Ultimate Power

If you want to watch something that shows the dangers of too much power, Death Note is a show which you simply cannot miss out on. It follows a schoolboy called Yagami Light who finds a magical notebook one day, which has the power to kill anyone whose name is written on the pages. All the notebook needs is a name, a date and time of death, and a cause. The schoolboy uses this for a school bully to start off with, as well as for murderers and rapists. However, the poker takes over eventually and he turns into the evilest and twisted soul imaginable. So, that’s why you shouldn’t have that much power!

Relax And Enjoy Life

One of the ultimate messages which many anime teach us is to live in the moment and enjoy every little thing. It shows us not to stress over the things we cannot control and to instead enjoy life as it comes and accept that everything happens for a reason. Next time you are stressed and overwhelmed, take the time to watch an anime and you will see how much more relaxed it can make you feel right away.


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