Learn More about Bees with Maya the Bee!

maya the bee party kit

maya the bee party kitSince we’ve started our adventures in beekeeping we’ve been learning a lot more about bees. I was excited when I was sent a copy of Maya the Bee to review, but even more so when they sent us a Maya the Bee Party Kit. Inside our kit were plush Maya and Willy toys, bee study guides, word bingo and even a Bee toss game.

For our house, learning more about bees makes the kit even more fun. Since the class I’ve been taking has been myself and my mother attending most of the information we’ve been learning is passed on from us. The study guide is a great way for us to share with Goonie and even our friends more about bees. You can learn more about Pollen, Propolys and even the bee life cycle! Did you know that worker bees only live a few weeks? And if the hive loses a queen they came actually make a new one? Bees are extremely fascinating creatures and we’re glad we welcomed them to our yard.

While the Maya the Bee party kit is meant to host a party and show the movie, we’ve already shared the movie. Instead we’ve been sharing the facts with our friends and neighbors so they can learn more about the bees that have moved into the neighborhood. Welcome Maya, Willie and all of their friends into your home and learn more about bees!



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