rootlets book review

Learn How Your Kids can get Super Rootabilities with The Rootlets!

rootets book reviewAs far back as we can remember, we’re told to eat our vegetables. They’ll make us strong, and give us what we need to function – but did you know they can give you Super Rootabilities?! That what we learn in Rootlets, that your veggies can give you powers beyond what you can imagine, and we were happy to review this book with Goonie.

Rootlets is a 40 page book based around four little kids – Brocc, Carrotina, Cornelius and Kaley, who live in VeggieVille on Plant Planted. They live with their caretaker Yammy Grammy who picked them all when they were little sprouts. The children didn’t know what they were meant for until they start to realize they have their own powers that being a Veggie can give them!

rootlets book reviewThroughout the Rootlets the children learn about their rootablities or powers they can use for good. It’s a fun way for your own children to see that their veggies aren’t the enemy and can help them have their own super powers! The book is written for ages 4-9, and is a soft covered book. Because of the age group the book was written for, the pages are thicker which makes them easy to turn for younger hands without tearing the pages. The Rootlets is the beginning of a fun, healthy eating series for kids – and we can’t wait to see where they go next!

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