craft coffee a manual review

Learn How to Brew Your Best Coffee with Craft Coffee: A Manual

craft coffee a manual review
How do you take your coffee? Is it cream and two sugars? A fancy latte? A cup a day or a whole pot or two? We all have our own way to enjoy that warm delicious drink – but did you know there is a bit more of a science behind it? Yes, most of our coffee makers do the hard work for us, but we don’t usually think about what exactly is happening to make that wonderful, magical drink that gives us energy.

craft coffee a manual reviewOnce you know what actually goes into making the perfect mug of coffee, it’s hard to not make the most fabulous cup of coffee when you want it. We were sent a copy of Craft Coffee: A Manual by Jessica Easto, a book that totes the information you need to brew a better cup of coffee at home. Inside you will find the basics from teaching you the different ways to make and brew coffee and the benefits of each. Craft Coffee focuses on just that – coffee, and not espresso, so it’s not going to show you how make the fancy coffee house lattes.

From learning how to choose the best brewing method for your mug, or what type of beans you want (and how you should care for them) – Craft Coffee will teach you how to brew the best cup of coffee and teach you ways that your brew can not only keep you fueled but impress your friends as well. From the science behind it, the best methods and more. Craft Coffee takes your perfect cup of coffee and makes it even better, and shows you how to do that every day when you brew your mug.

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