Learn How the Mob Shaped Vegas at the Mob Museum

The Mob Museum Vegas Review

In every major city throughout the country you’ll find stories about the Mob families that built the area up and use to run the area. From the Purple Gang in Detroit to the major crime families that build up New York, Chicago and Las Vegas. And in a small building off the strip in Vegas, you can learn more about the major players and their lives at The Mob Museum.

The three story museum takes visitors through different major moments in Vegas history, in mob history and of course major events you may have already heard of. It is the current home of the actual wall from the St Valentine’s Day Massacre and the bullets that were used that day as well.

The Mob Museum Vegas Review

From old saloon style spaces, areas that show you how the mob can be related to the ride of the casinos and shows we know today and to a wall filled with the names and information of the major players in the mob scene – you can find everything inside The Mob Museum. Step back in history and learn about how the mob built the city of Las Vegas and even how organized crime is still thriving to this day.

Besides touring the museum, guests can choose to add additional experiences onto their package. Including visiting an active speak easy and distillery in the basement, experiencing a firing range, learning how to process finger prints and take DNA. You can participate in a mock trial in the museum as well and learn more about how the mob was prosecuted through the court systems as well.

On your way out, be sure to swing through the gift shop and find not only several different books to continue learning about the mob, the major players and even more about local Vegas history.


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