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Cooking for Geeks Review

Cooking for Geeks ReviewI’ve always loved to cook, and found it was one of the best applications of science and math in day to day life. How else can you teach a child about fractions and make it fun? But in the last few years there has been a resurgence of focusing on how cooking works, and the actual science behind that. Food has become fun again with shows like Good Eats with Alton Brown, and the complicated chemical reactions has sparked the imagination with home cooks as well as the geekiest among us. After all, once you understand the difference reaction that Baking Soda or Baking Powder makes in your recipe, you can get more inventive in the kitchen.

Cooking for Geeks ReviewLast  month the Second Edition of Cooking for Geeks by Jeff Potter was released, and it is more than just a cookbook. When our review copy arrived, I was happy to see that inside it not only explained the science of what is happening to your food when you cook it, but actually helps understand how protein denaturation, Maillard reactions, caramelization, and other reactions impact the foods we cook. It includes research from scientist, foodies and even chefs.

Cooking for Geeks ReviewCooking for Geeks is a great resource for anyone who loves to cook – not just Geeks. If you understand what you are cooking, and why different things react to different cooking methods – you will become a better cook. I appreciate how the book breaks down different ingredients that you might find and not know where they come from, as well as listing different alternatives for allergies. In the mixture in between graphs, charts, research and recipes you’ll even find sound recipes to try different and new things you may not have thought of trying before. Have you ever made your own gelatin? I haven’t – but that doesn’t mean I wont now!

Have a foodie or a geek on your list this holiday season? Cooking for Geeks will be the perfect gift to have under the tree. You can find Cooking for Geeks on Amazon and at stores near you!

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