Learn All About Helping with Minnie’s Happy Helpers + Activity Sheet

minnie's Happy helpers Review

minnie's Happy helpers Review

Being helpful is a great habit that is taught young and no matter how much we tell kids to be helpful, sometimes they need to see the habits displayed in their favorite friends and characters. And today, you can get a DVD that your kids will love and so will you! Today Disney Junior released Minnie’s Happy Helpers on DVD that includes six episodes, bonus content and a free Magnetic Helper Chart.

minnie's Happy helpers ReviewMinnie’s Happy Helpers are helping all around Hot Dog Hills when they aren’t racing. It may be odd jobs, or things that need help with but the duo can handle it all. From babysitting an egg, planning parties or fixing Big Ben – they’re happy to try to fix everything. The DVD is rated G and has a total run time of 66 minutes.

minnie's Happy helpers ReviewTo celebrate the release, Disney of Minnie’s Happy Helpers they also sent us some great new products for the show including: Daisy Duck Mini Bean Bag, Minnie Mouse Mini Bean BagMinnie Mouse and Daisy Duck Tumbler with StrawMinnie Mouse Zip-Up Stationery Kit. We love the mini plushes of Minnie and Daisy, but the best new item is the Minnie Stationary Kit, with pencils, markers, charcoal and more. It has everything a budding artist needs to create their next masterpiece and comes in an adorable case.

If your little one needs to learn more about helping out more, this will become your new favorite DVD. Minnie’s Happy Helpers is available everywhere today! Get your copy now!


About Minnie’s Happy Helpers:

The Happy Helpers are on their way!

Minnie's Happy Helpers Box ArtWhen Minnie and Daisy aren’t racing around Hot Dog Hills, they’re helping their friends with fun, odd jobs as The Happy Helpers. And no task is too big or too small for them to tackle! With a quick spin in their Turn-Styler, the Happy Helpers are ready for anything that comes their way. Whether they’re babysitting an egg that’s about to hatch, planning the perfect luau for a client, or fixing London’s Big Ben just in time for tea, Minnie and Daisy are ready to go the extra mile, with a song and a smile!

Voice CastRussi Taylor as Minnie Mouse; Tress MacNeille as Daisy Duck; Bret Iwan as Mickey Mouse; Daniel Ross as Donald Duck; April Winchell as Clarabelle Cow; Jim Cummings as Pete; and Bill Farmer as Goofy.


  • Egg-Xasperating!
  • Happy Hula Helpers!
  • Tea Time Trouble!
  • Happy Birthday Helpers!
  • Bed, Breakfast and Bungled!
  • Gone Fishin’!

Download Minnie's Happy Helpers Activities


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