LeapReader Ready, Set, Read & Write – Party fun for Little Learners!

leapreader review
When we were planning Goonie’s Halloween Party we wanted it to be special. There were certain things we made sure we didn’t want to have – like candy or a lot of unhealthy options. Even their goodie bags were candy free! So when LeapFrog sent me a LeapReader party pack we knew this was a perfect fit for our party!


Goonie and his friends started school this year, some are in Kindergarten, and others pre-K. They are still at that age where learning is exciting, fun and they want to learn more and more. The LeapReader party pack came with two LeapReaders, a white selection of books including Word Factory Writing Workbooks, LeapFrog Disney-Pixar Monster University book (with 3D glasses!), Get Ready for Kindergarten book, Talking words Factory Flash Cards, Sampler Books, certificates for our our little readers, product sheets and activity sheets for more fun.


The set was so exciting for Goonie and his friends to explore reading, counting and more. Some of their favorites were the flash cards, the Get Ready for Kindergarden Book and of course the Disney-Pixar Monster University book, especially since we just finished watching it. They loved seeing their favorite characters in 3D as they heard about them and worked out reading the story. And we loved watching them learn with the books, and show their excitement for learning.


The LeapReader helps your little ones sound out works, can download stories directly on it, or read to them. But one of Goonie’s favorite features was the pen point. The LeapReader has a point that retracts into it when it is pressed to paper, much like a pencil lead. And on the LeapReader book’s paper it actually writes! You can trace the letters, and work on your ABC’s or numbers. But what we love about this point is it plastic, so it wont write on anything else! We don’t have to worry about Goonie writing on the furniture or other things, but he can still practice his writing skills when he wants.

Since the party Goonie has been working on his reading skills, he’s ahead of his class anyhow and the LeapReader books are helping him get another leap ahead!

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