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LeapFrog Epic Review

LeapFrog Epic ReviewWe’re going to be talking a lot about different gifts yours children will love, that are fun as well as educational this year. It’s the year of learning here! Goonie is in first grade, and we want to make sure that he has everything he needs to do well in school and continue to grow. He loved the LeapFrog Platinum, but it was quickly put aside when LeapFrog sent him the new Epic to review.

LeapFrog Epic ReviewBefore we even got to playing with the Epic, we noticed something you should note about the packaging – there’s a message right inside saying “Your imagination Rules!” It’s a fun nod to the kids who are going to play with the tablet. The LeapFrog Epic is a 16 GB Android tablet with a 7 inch multi-touch screen that is for kids aged 3-7.

LeapFrog Epic ReviewDuring your initial set up you setup the user profile for your child. Each profile is set up with your child’s age, grade and creates a unique playing and game experience for them. The games are tailored for the different difficulty levels and helps them grow with the tablet.

LeapFrog Epic ReviewSince Goonie is in the first grade, we set up the tablet for him to play the games for his age level. But the set up also includes fun new games, as well as some he’s use to from playing with the LeapFrog Plantinum. But on the Epic, we have a new favorite app – Word of the Day! Goonie has been talking our ear off since he was only about 6 months old, and has a great vocabulary. But word of the day helps that grow with him. LeapFrog Epic ReviewWhen playing the app, your child gets to learn a new word that helps them build up their story library. The game has your child pull the letters down to the word at the bottom, and it fills in a graphic as it does it. Our favorite part about the Word of the Day app is that is helps explain the word and it’s meaning while putting it in a context your child will understand.

LeapFrog Epic ReviewThe LeapFrog Epic has a lot of fun new games and even a kid friendly internet for your kids to play on – that only¬†allows them to visit sites that are safe for them, and they can’t go anywhere else. But from the parental side, there are some new awesome features. You can limit the amount of time your child plays with games, and internet. This helps keep them in line with the amount of screen time you want to allow.

LeapFrog Epic ReviewThe Epic comes with a built in bumper case and even a stylus that is attached. The case makes finding the main two buttons easy to do on the top that control the power as well as the volume control. The case also allows easy access to the micro-usb charging port as well as a headphone jack. But the most impressive thing inside is the¬†20 apps from LeapFrog’s best games and eBooks, world-class Leap Search kid safe browser, kid-friendly utilities.

You can find the LeapFrog Epic on Amazon and on LeapFrog’s website.

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