Romantic Gift Ideas

Last Minute Romantic Gift Ideas

Anniversaries, Christmas and Valentine’s Day come around every year, and every year can be a struggle to find the perfect gift. Romantic gifts can be bought from a store or handmade, but the most important thing is that they’re tailored to a loved one’s personality. Wine is great for a gourmand, romantic texts are perfect for literary fans, and thoughtful, inexpensive romantic gifts are appreciated by everyone.

Romantic Christmas and Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

The Story of a Lifetime: This hardcover book asks over 500 questions to create a family memoir. The recipient, or the couple, can fill in traditions and memories to pass on to the next generation. 384 pages, including illustrations. Available at online gift retailer Red Envelope for around $50, a leather-bound version is available for around $100.

Mavenart offers a unique way to immortalize your photos. You can easily turn a memorable photo into a painting in realism, painterly and semi-painterly styles. 

Wine of the Month Club: There are several monthly wine clubs online, some are month-to-month and others are by quarter or year. The original Wine of the Month Club starts at around $40 per month or $230 for six months. Recipients can choose two bottles of red, two bottles of white, or one bottle of each. Available through Amazing Clubs or

Romeo and Juliet on One Page: The entire text from William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet is printed on a 27″ x 40″ poster sheet. Perfect for romantics who love the classic play. Available from One Page Books for under $20. Mounting and laminating are charged separately, or have the piece framed at a local frame shop.

Inexpensive Romantic Gift Ideas

Memories can inspire unusual and inexpensive romantic gifts. Shared memories also increase a sense of history and togetherness.

Brainstorm. Think of a special memory the person has mentioned. Choose either a memory from courtship or a favorite childhood memory. Find something with a meaningful background story. Call on siblings or childhood friends for help finding a perfect memory.

Create a gift around this memory. For example, find an old video game on eBay for someone who has a cherished childhood memory about the game. Or reenact a favorite camping trip, cook a favorite childhood meal, or go back and recreate a meaningful date.

For a truly “old school” romantic gift, make an ’80s style mix tape on cassette using only music that was popular during the person’s high school years. For a high-tech version of this gift, put the songs on an iPod shuffle or other small MP3 player and include a handwritten note on why each song was chosen.

Unique Romantic Gift Ideas

The best romantic gifts are the ones that take the person’s interests into account. Is the person a music lover? A literature fan? Does she love telling family stories? Consider what the person loves to do and start there. Whether shopping for Christmas, an anniversary, or Valentine’s Day, gifts that are thoughtful will always be appreciated. Unique romantic gifts don’t have to be difficult or time consuming, they only require a little thought.

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  1. A custom paint by numbers is also an amazing gift for couples, especially if they both paint it toghether.

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