Lassig Tender Messenger Bag Review

Lassig Tender Messenger Bag – For the Dad on the Go

Lassig Tender Messenger Bag ReviewLong gone are the days of idea that fathers are not involved in taking care of their kids. Despite what we see on television, most dads we know are just as involved with their kids as the moms are. But that doesn’t mean product design as caught up with the modern day dad who may not want to be carrying soft pastel diaper bags. Haba USA has the perfect solution for the modern dad – the Lassig Tender Messenger Bag. Not only can it be used for a day messenger bag, but it is specially designed to be all purpose while still being a functional diaper bag.

Lassig Tender Messenger Bag ReviewWe were sent a Lassig Tender Messenger Bag to check out and review, and the first thing we noticed with the soft leather appearance. Sure, this bag was meant for the modern dad, but it would be perfect for the mom on the go as well. The Tender Messenger Bag comes loaded with pockets inside, a bottle chiller, a removable zipper pouch so you can stash your wallet and more, a removable key cook and even two removable stroller hooks so you can hook the bag on the back when you’re on the go.  From the list of what it includes alone – this bag is right up there with the top of the line diaper bags, not to mention the regular features of a messenger bag.

Lassig Tender Messenger Bag ReviewThe inside of the bag is full of zipper and clips and pouches that close. But the bag overall has one top and a magnetic closure that loops through the front. While this may not seem like a very strong closure – once the bag is fully stuffed with what you need for the day, the magnet closure provides a little more space with the fabric in the loop.

Lassig Tender Messenger Bag ReviewThe interior of the bag, and really almost any part that isn’t leather has the iconic Lassig lamb logo as part of the design. While it doesn’t look like a huge bag, when you open it up inside, you can find everything you’d expect in a messenger bag including zippered areas for paperwork, and pen slots. But between those you will also find pouches big enough for toys, baby food jars and probably a pacifier or two.

Lassig Tender Messenger Bag ReviewAs you’d expect, as you go through the bag there’s more than meets the eye. The center of the bag actually has a “wet pouch”, where you can slide in wet items after a change and not worry about it soaking through to anything else. The wet pouch area has antimicrobial material so not only will it be easy to wash up, but you wont have to worry about gross germs hanging around later.

Lassig Tender Messenger Bag ReviewThe antimicrobial material is the same used to create the cushioned changing pad. This makes any blow outs while changing easier to clean up. The changing pad can be folded back up, secured and tossed back in the bag.

Lassig Tender Messenger Bag ReviewSince we know that the traveling from point A to B may involve feeding, keeping the bottle chilled might be a priority. The Lassig Tender Messenger Bag actually comes with an insulated bottle cooler that fits easily in the bag. This can easily become a regular drink chiller if you’re on the way to work and don’t have to worry about carrying a drink for your child just yet.

Lassig Tender Messenger Bag ReviewThe overall design of the Lassig Tender Messenger Bag is more gender neutral and the bag is beautifully constructed. While the outward appearance of the bag is more of a traditional leather briefcase, inside is everything you’d expect and need from a messenger bag and a diaper bag plus a few extra features added in. The Tender Messenger Bag has one more surprise up it’s sleeve – it’s not actually leather! Lassig is a socially conscious company and only uses pollution free products. So while the Tender bags have the appearance of a soft leather bag, it’s actually made out of durable Polyester. This actually leads to a lighter bag overall, it’s just over 2 lbs empty.

We absolutely love the appearance and style of the Lassig Tender Messenger Bag. It easily goes from office to home, to hauling every day items. N o one would be able to guess on first appearance that the bag actually is a diaper bag. And when you no longer need a diaper bag? You can use it for a great every day bag as well! Say goodbye to the soft and girly diaper bags, and hello to the bag made for the young professional and the modern dad!

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