Lassig Brings Giraffes to Their New Plate Sets

lassig plate set review

lassig plate set reviewLassig is known for their unique designs and eco-friendly approach on products, and they use the same features in their 5 piece plate sets for the smallest family members. They sent us a set of the Giraffe place setting to check out, and inside is a divided plate, a bowl, mug, a spoon and a fork all with a cute Giraffe on the them.

lassig plate set reviewThe Giraffe plate set is more than just adorable, it’s made from sustainable melamine that is used with green processes like all Lassig products are. However, since it’s made using melamine, there are certain things that shouldn’t be done with the plate set, including placing them in the microwave. The heating of the plates can make the melamine unstable and cause problems with the dishes, this is however a typical problem with melamine, not with the product in general. The set is dishwasher safe, but I’d suggest top rack only due to the nature of the product.

lassig plate set reviewWhat we loved about the set? Besides the adorable design of course is the easy to use utensils made for small hands, and the separated tray. The tray is perfect for picky eaters and will help stop food from touching each other. The Giraffe plate set set is recommended for ages 12 months and beyond, but different parts can be used for younger and even older children. And each and every piece will have an adorable giraffe on its design somewhere.

You can find the Children’s Plate set on the HABA website and on Amazon.


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