L.R. Rice Brings Local Great Lakes Honey to Stores Near You

L.R. Rice Honey Review

L.R. Rice Honey ReviewHoney never lasts very long in our house. Yes, it’s true – we have our own bee hive, but I don’t steal honey from them until I know they have enough to over-winter. But every morning a bit of honey goes in my tea, on top of my homemade yogurt– and it even makes an appearance in some dinner recipes and baking. I try to keep a couple jars on hand at any time because the moment I don’t – we’re out in a flash!

L.R. Rice Honey ReviewL.R. Rice offered to send me some of their Great Lakes Raw Honey to keep try out and see if we liked it. We’re huge fans of local and raw honey and thought this would be the perfect addition to what we have in our cupboard. The only problem we had – as quick as we got the two bottles of honey in to review – they were almost out. It became such a problem that I almost didn’t get the pictures I needed for this post!

L.R. Rice Honey ReviewThe Rice Family bases their company out of Colorado, but have apiaries all over the nation. Their Great Lakes Honey is gathered from different hives around the Great Lakes region. That doesn’t mean it’s all from Michigan, it could be from any of the Great Lakes states. The honey is gathered, spun out and bottled for the stores. There isn’t any heating up, extra straining and left in its natural form. This means that the raw honey isn’t striped of any of the health benefits that people love it for. The Local Great Lakes honey is a blend of beautiful flower types and nectars commonly found in the region

L.R Rice Honey offers a variety of different honey from apiaries around the nation. Their selection includes clover, wildflower, local Texas wildflower, local Colorado, local northwest, amber, local So Cal, local Washington, local Utah, local Florida, local Great Lakes, local Midwest, local Nor Cal, and local Northeast. You can find the Rice Honey varieties at stores near you or order online. For our family – it’s a great option to have on hand for when we can’t quite rob our hive yet, and a great addition to our meals.


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