Kroger Marketplace Comes to White Lake

White Lake Kroger Marketplace Review

Kroger has been stepping up its game in Michigan and if you have had the chance to visit any of the new Kroger Marketplace locations (there are only a few with more coming) in Michigan you know what I mean! These stores are big, beautiful, full of everything you could ever want, and really steps up the prepared food game, better than most I have seen.

Just this past week, the newest Kroger Marketplace opened in White Lake, MI and I got a chance to tour it before the official opening. This Kroger boasts a huge produce area that is so colorful it is sure to have all your fruit/veggie needs. The store is huge compared to others, making room for just about any product of the brands they carry. What does that mean? You should be able to find all your goodies in one place now, no more choosing what to leave on the shelf and what to take off because of less space. Score 1 for us one store shoppers.

White Lake Kroger Marketplace ReviewBesides the expanded grocery/produce you will find a wide array of fresh to order food and an all-important Starbucks (with the largest seating area in a Michigan store)! The fresh to order food in White Lake include different flavors of mac ’n cheese, subs, chicken meals and a unique to White Lake fresh sushi bar. It makes the new Kroger and quick and easy place to stop for lunch or dinner and get fresh, hot food. Score 2 for us one store shoppers.

White Lake Kroger Marketplace ReviewWith the expanded space, this Kroger also houses a large toy section, clothes and shoes, a much larger home goods and housewares section as well as an expanded meat counter with fresh fish. It has all your usual amenities, like a pharmacy with a drive thru and a bank, but they have really stepped up the one stop shopping experience. Score 3 for us one store shoppers.

The Kroger Marketplace stores truly have a better shopping feel to them. There is no shortage of Michigan made products (yay!) and even a whole section with just Michigan products featured! There is a one of a kind painting from a local artist right by the Starbucks that helps to tie in the community, and a Murray’s cheese counter with cheese experts waiting to assist you.

I was truly blown away by the appeal and size of the store. If you are anywhere near the White Lake area I highly recommend you check out the new Kroger Marketplace and all the fun new features. You will not be sorry.


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