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Kor Water Aura Review and Giveaway!

Kor Aura
It doesn’t matter where I am or where I’m going, but I’ve always got  a bottle or glass of water with me. I get dehydrated easily, and even take a glass of water to bed with me – even if someone laughs at me for it. But I like to make sure we have good water – either from a filter or a bottle. But the problem with bottled water, other than the cost (one of the highest mark ups out there!) is the amount of waste that needs recycled or thrown out if I’m on the go. It’s helping to contribute to the huge amount of waste in the land fills and continues an unending cycle.

As much as I love refillable bottles I’ve had a hard time with one that is not only functional, and easy to clean but is also hygienic. Did you know that by reusing your store brand bottles you will end up with bacterial on the mouth piece? Not exactly what I want to drink! I also got frustrated with the metal water bottles that sometimes leave an after taste in my water or other drinks, that isn’t a good sign for healthy water.

Kor Water offered to send me one of their Aura Hydration Vessels to review, and not only was it what I was looking for it had features I didn’t know was available in water bottles!

The Aura Hydration Vessel is not only beautifully constructed, it also is ergonomic so it fits nicely while you’re holding it. The large handle is one of my favorite features, it feels nice in your hand as your carry it and makes it easy to carry for longer distances. Underneath the large handle is another surprising feature, a hygienic mouthpiece. Unlike traditional water bottles that have you drink out of the screw on lid, the Aura has the thread of the lid further down and you drink out of a mouthpiece higher up. This keeps anything that could get on the thread out of your drink!

Kor Water’s Hydration Vessels are always BPA free, which makes me feel better knowing there wont be chemicals leaching into my drinking water. Kor offers Aura in six different colors, and they’re the perfect gift for anyone on the go – remember your body needs water!

Are you looking for an awesome reuseable water bottle for your active life? One of my readers will get to win a Kor Water Aura Hydration Vessel in the color of their choice. Read how to enter below!

How can you win?

Enter to win with the form below. The mandatory entry is leaving a comment on this blog post telling me your favorite feature of the Kor Water’s hydration vessels! If you do not do this entry – you will not win! So make sure you leave a comment and then enter using the form linked below!

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19 thoughts on “Kor Water Aura Review and Giveaway!

  1. I hate water bottles that can be just used once and tossed, so this is pretty awesome…BPA free is a major selling plus!

  2. My favorite feature is the hygienic mouth piece. Water bottle are so hard to keep cleana dn ensure contaminates are staying out.

  3. Very nice water bottle, and would be nice to own right now when summer is coming and the weather is getting hotter. I like that this is a pretty water bottle and is BPA free!

  4. I like the shape. Some bottles have a narrow neck that is more difficult to clean. This one seems to have a wider neck that could easily be cleaned with a brush. I also like that this is BPA free.

  5. Love this water filter bottle! Does it’s job. And it is BPA FREE – so happy to finally find a great bottle to take with me and not have chemicals.

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