Knork is Changing How You Look at and Use Flatware

knork flatware review

knork flatware reviewFlatware is always a necessity when you’re starting out on your own or setting up a new place. Most people find a cheap set that works and hang onto it for years. After all, other than losing a piece or two they just getting a little scuffed from years of use. Our home might be the oddity, but we’re heading towards¬†our third set of flatware in the last decade. First we replaced an old mismatched set, that was a combination of both of our first sets, with a geometric set to match the dishes we had at the time. And now, we’re looking at getting a Knork set to replace everything else we have.

Knork sent me a five piece set of their Black Titanium flatware to check out, and right out of the box I could tell they were different than anything else we’ve had before. Knork, said similarly to knife with a silent K,¬†was named one of Oprah’s favorite things – and it didn’t take me long to figure out why. Each piece of of the Knork flatware is thicker than the flatware you purchase at any normal store. The pieces were designed with the user in mind, and function informed the design. This leads to a more rounded design and wider prongs on the fork tines so they help you use it to get up sauces easier. The hilt of the forks and spoons are torqued to provide a place for the user finger to use them as a leverage point. This allows easier cutting of meats, raw vegetables and more – even with a fork or a spoon.

One of the tests we have with every flatware before using it, is balancing it your finger to see how it sits. Each Knork balances easily on your finger and has a considerable weight difference versus other brands we’ve had in the past. I found that using the Knork flatware they felt great in my hand, and they feel like I have a sturdy grip on the flatware. The place on the side the of the utensils for your pointer finger, gives me the grip I need to even use the fork to cut steak, and fits well with how I naturally hold flatware. The black titanium color is a beautiful accent for our current plate set, but Knork sells a complete set in silver as well. We have lost a couple pieces of our last flatware set, and they will be replaced soon by a Knork set. They’re beautiful, easy to use and will last for years to come.


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