K’NEX KISS® Rock Stage Big Rig Building Set Perfect for the Rock Fan!

kiss k'nex set review

Kiss K'nex Set Do you have a big rock fan in your house? Maybe they’ve got every album for their favorite band, and you have no idea what to get them this holiday season. This year there is a perfect gift for the KISS fan in your family. Exclusively at Toys R Us this holiday season you can find the KISS Rock Stage Big Rig Building Set from K’NEX.  K’NEX sent us their new KISS set to review and we had a lot of fun with it!

The K’NEX KISS Rock Stage Big Rig Building Set is for ages 7-12, but let’s not lie – it’s the big kids who will be playing with toy! I don’t know a lot of 7 year olds who are fans of KISS, but I do know plenty in who are 30 or older (but 7 at heart) who will be assembling this rig and playing with the band.

The set has over 300 pieces, some are very small and easy to drop when assembling. But once your set is complete you will have a full semi to carry KISS to their next big show.

Kiss K'nex Set

The details on the semi tractor are awesome – once it’s fully assembled you have doors, mirrors and even a steering wheel for your little K’NEX driver. With wheels that roll the semi actually connects to the trailer and will take the band wherever you want to go.

While I was impressed with the truck portion of the semi when it came together, the trailer is even more impressive. The outside of the trailer is actually printed boards, but it opens up to reveal a move able stage and the flames that KISS concerts are known for! Two swinging bars will keep the stage open on the trailer while your band performs.

Kiss K'nex Set

Not only will KISS have their own truck and moving stage, but the K’NEX set comes with the band too, five band members and two roadies. Each band member comes with raised shoes (that can come off), their instrument and even removable hair pieces! Each band member has their signature face paint, even down to Gene Simmons’ tongue sticking out! They can rock out on their guitars and drums and perform for your K’NEX world!

The set is a must have for any KISS fan, or K’NEX lover. While it’s fun for kids, it’s a lot of fun for big kids too. You can find it this holiday season for your KISS fan at your local Toys R US or online. The set retails for $34.99

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