KLUTCH CLUB Box Product Review and Giveaway

klutch box review
Klutch Club Box
The summer is almost officially here, and it’s time to start getting back in shape – after all we have to look good in those bathing suits! There is a new service to help you stay on track and try products that can help you meet your goal.
I was sent the April KLUTCH CLUB Box to try and review. Now, I know eating health snacks or likes working out. But if you’re looking to try some health products you defintely need to look into KLUTCH CLUB.

Each month they send out a box with at least $50 worth of health product to try – May’s box has over $100 worth of products! All meant to help kick start your Summer workout routine.

In the April box not only did we get Kind Bars, Plentil’s (yum), tea and other snacks but we also got a Yoga DVD. I have to say, Yoga is my work out of choice – I love how it’s not only relaxing but helps you tone at the same time. It also helps keep my knee from locking back up after that black ice injury two winters ago.

Overall I’m happy with what came in the KLUTCH CLUB April Box – there were a couple items I wouldn’t use, but have family who will! I can’t wait to try the Cherry Marzipan tea, it just sounds so delicous! And the fact that each month, the box only costs $18 or less – it’s a great bargain.

KLUTCH CLUB is letting me give this month’s box away to one lucky fan – so make sure you ENTER to WIN! KLUTCHclub is partnering with Bright Pink and donating 10% of May revenue to a great organization that helps early detection, prevention and awareness of breast and ovarian cancer.  Anyone who uses the code BrightPink gets 10% off their purchase AND donates 10% to this great charity.

Now the giveaway will only be open this weekend – but check back Monday for the winner and a super special code so you all can win!

Find KLUTCH CLUB online: 
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  1. That tea does sound good. I have to say Ive tried yoga I followed on the tv bad choice (or im really out of shape) I worked up this big ole sweat and then the girls said lets get started after a great warm up. That was it for me LOL


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