Klaus Brings a Different Look at the Christmas Origin Story

Netflix Klaus Movie Review

We think we all know the story of Christmas and the man that delivers presents to sleeping children at night. But in a new animated show on Netflix. Klaus takes the story we all know about Santa and takes it on its head. Klaus is a 2-D animation but there are bits of 3D elements to emphasis the key characters or elements they want you to pay attention to like their eyes, or small detailing.

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Instead of focusing on Klaus directly, the movie follows Jesper, an entitled young man who is stationed in the remote town of Smeerenburg, a town full of feuding families that do nothing but hate each other. He devices a plan to get the children of the city to help him reach a lofty goal and help him get back to the lush life he had before he was sent there.

Along the way, Jesper meets Klaus and everything begins to change. Throughout the movie you’ll have a lot of laughing moments and smile when you see the mythos of Santa start to appear around them. From why kids get presents, to the reindeer and more the recognizable elements of Christmas are all through the movie. And the spirit of it all is at the heart of it and starts to change everything through the area.

Klaus will be on Netflix and available for everyone to enjoy on November 15th and will be a fun new holiday movie for your family.

The Postman and the Old Toymaker are brainwashing everyone!

Mrs. Krum

Things that may be a concern:

While Klaus is an origin story and a new take on the story that most families have told over the years, it does have some areas that might be concerns for some families. From two deaths that are alluded to, to violence between the two families/groups in Smerrensburg. There are a few references to things kids may be sensitive to as well. The majority of the off handed comments most likely will be missed by younger viewers but a few lines had us scratching our heads while we watched the movie.

About Klaus:

Klaus is a 2D animated family feature film from writer/director Sergio Pablos, co-creator of Despicable Me. When a selfish young postman is assigned to a remote Scandinavian town, his unlikely friendship with a reclusive toymaker leads to the origin story of Santa Claus. This timeless story is visualised through a unique combination of classical hand drawn animation and cutting edge digital technology. The world features volumetric lighting and texturing typically seen in CG animated films. Voice actors include Jason Schwartzman, Rashida Jones, JK Simmons and Joan Cusack. Written by Pablos, Zach Lewis and Jim Mahoney, the screenplay is based on an original story by Pablos. Matthew Teevan, Gustavo Ferrada and Marisa Roman are producers, and Jinko Gotoh (The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, The Little Prince) is executive producer. Sergio Pablos’ SPA Studios is producing the film in Madrid, Spain, with Atresmedia Cine, with Toon Boom as a technological partner. (NETLFIX)

This film is rated PG.


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