Kitchen Hacks You Want to Try Today

Kitchen Hacks You Want to Try Today

How to remove odor from your hands? What about frozen foods? How to steam vegetables without a steamer and make ice cream without an ice cream maker?

These simple but creative tips will make things easier in the kitchen – and you can even impress your friends with them.

Get rid of freezer taste

No matter how clean you keep your freezer, foods tend to pick up a nasty “freezer taste” after a while. To get rid of it, give your frozen goodies a quick rinse under running water to wash out the ice.

Turn your faucet into a “metal soap”

Metal soaps are made out of stainless steel and used to remove unpleasant smells like garlic and fish from hands, for which they work very well. Not many people realize that if they have a kitchen faucet made out of stainless steel, it can be used for the same purpose! Rub your hands on the faucet to deodorize them quickly and effectively. Thanks to my friend Pat from Myhomeneedz for the tip.

Use baking soda to remove tea and coffee stains

Tea and coffee tend to leave nasty stains on porcelain cups and mugs. Often even thorough washing doesn’t get rid of them. There is, however, an easy fix: sprinkle a little baking soda in the cups and wash. The stains will come out like magic!

Use a sieve as a steamer

If you don’t have a steaming basket, you can use a stainless steel sieve instead. Just place it on top of your kettle, add the food to be steamed inside and top with the lid. Do not use a plastic sieve, as it can melt.

Chop onion without crying

There are numerous tips for cutting onion without tears, some of them strange enough to resemble black magic. One easy trick that actually works is to put the onion in the freezer for a while before chopping it.

Stop bleeding with a teabag

If you happen to cut yourself while in the kitchen, help is near. Moisten a teabag with a little water (or use a used teabag) and press it on the cut. Tea contains substances that help stop the bleeding very quickly (as well as antiseptic ingredients) and the bag is easy to wrap around a finger.

Make smooth ice cream without an ice cream maker

That’s right. You can use any sorbet, sherbet or ice cream recipe and freeze it normally in a freezer. The result will most likely be a solid block of ice, but let it thaw for 15-30 minutes and run it through a blender or a food processor for delicious smooth ice cream. Serve immediately.

Make your own confectioner’s sugar

Ran out of confectioner’s sugar? If you have a blender or a food processor, you can make your own from normal sugar by pulsing it until it is powderized.

Keep herbs fresh for longer

Many people store fresh herbs either in the fridge or in a glass of water. For even better results, put the herbs in a glass of water inside the fridge. The water should be changed once a week. This way herbs like parsley keep fresh for up to several weeks.

Use frozen fruit as ice cubes

Normal ice cubes have the annoying problem of diluting your drink when they melt. Avoid this by using frozen fruit or berries as ice cubes. Afterwards enjoy them as a healthy sweet treat!


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