Kitchen Failures Happen…

kitchen failure
failed cupcakes

This year seems to be touch and go for me – Good happens, bad happens. Life happens! I’m not letting it get me down. A family emergency threw me off course last week, and I’ve been taking time to get back on schedule – back to finishing what I’ve started. We still have more reviews and giveaways coming, things I meant to get up before the weekend.. and of course the cupcake challenge is still going!

*Sigh* Yes – I have two recipes to finish in 3 days.. I went into the kitchen today to get started on getting caught up. I had selected a recipe from one on Pinterest and tried it out, following it to the “t”. Besides making way more than I¬†expected it to, it didn’t look off. The batter actually tasted fantastic before I added eggs, almost like a chocolate coffee mousse. BUT after 30 minutes in the oven (the 17 recommended was extremely off) this is we result. The tops are crunchy and stuck to the pan, the insides were soft and fluffy but there was no way to remove them. This recipe made 2 dozen too…

So besides feeling deflated, like the cupcakes – I’m a bit angry about the recipe fail. This recipe has been pinned, repinned hundreds of times and it makes me wonder if someone has tried it besides me? I’ve wasted a ton of gluten free baking ingredients (ok not a ton, but still any wasted makes me sad), and now no cupcakes.Tomorrow I’ll use a recipe I’ve already tested.. and finish my Cupcake Challenge¬†recipes! It happens, it just takes the steam out of you when you’re working and feel like you’re getting somewhere.

What recipe fails have you had in the past? I know I’m not alone in this!


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