Kinnikinnick Soft Breads and Buns Product Review and Giveaway! 

kinnikinnick soft breads review
kinnikinnick breads

Being gluten free can be hard – you go to parties and restaurants and have to find something you can eat. There are places starting to carry gluten free buns at some select restaurants – but how often do you have to order your burger without a bun? Or worse – wrapped in lettuce (yuck).

Since I went gluten free six years ago there have been a lot of companies that have come out with soft breads. They range from  gross, disgusting, passable, OK and some are actually decent. One thing most of them still lack is the ability to stay together like real bread – after all, that’s what the gluten is there for.

I think I’ve tried most brands out there now. They’ve come a long way in the past six years. So I was very excited when Kinnikinnick sent me their soft breads and buns to review. I have been a fan of their cookies in the past years.

kinnikinnick breads

When the box arrived I rushed in the house to open it. Through the cardboard box I could smell the bread – the smell of fresh bread filled the room. I actually found myself sniffing the box before I sliced it open. Inside was a loaf of white bread, multi-grain bread, hamburger buns and hot dog buns. All were soft and looked (and smelled) freshly made.

Like all gluten free breads if you’re not using them right away they should be refrigerated or frozen. Since I was leaving for a couple days the majority of the box were tossed into the freezer. The loaf of white bread was left out to make lunch with.

In my years of being gluten free I’ve had a hard time making some of my favorite things. One of them being grilled ham and cheese. Some gluten free breads haven’t held up to making grilled cheese, others just don’t taste right. Not only did the Kinnikinnick white bread make the perfect grilled cheese, it even grilled perfectly. We later found out that the multi-grain bread makes a mean grilled cheese as well!

kinnikinnick breads

As I mentioned before, finding a good gluten free bun can be a problem. But the soft buns from Kinnikinnick make the perfect burger. It was honestly a treat to have a burger on a bun at home again, instead of just eating it with a fork.

I have loved each of the soft breads and buns, and loved the ease of making the meals with them. If I’m in the mood for something with them I thaw out what I need and prepare dinner while it thaws. The even smell freshly baked right after they thaw too! What a delicious treat!

Kinnikinnick is giving one reader a soft bread and bun pack to try their great gluten free products! They are currently sold in 316 locations and you can check their website to see if you can find them near you. Since I can’t find them in my area yet I will have to order mine online! Make sure you read how to enter below!

How can you win?
Enter to win with the form below. The mandatory entry is leaving a comment on this blog post telling me what the first thing you’d make if you won – If you don’t do this, you will not win! So make sure you leave a comment and then enter using the form linked below!Find Kinnikinnick Online:

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  1. If I won the first thing I would make my baby girl (who has celiacs) and me (severely gluten intolerant) is a Po Boy Sandwich. Tough we have had them with other bread I still find myself looking longingly at the bread the rest of the family is eating and trying to pretend the grainy dry bread I am consuming tastes remotely the same. I always smile and say how yummy it is because my 8 year old breaks down in tears enough without mommy reminding her of everything she is missing. She has gotten better but it would be a treat for her to have bread that tastes like the bread she used to eat that made her so sick I would also love to have a PB and J on soft bread.

  2. oooh, if I won, I would have to have a hamburger. I gave up hamburgers when I discovered I couldn’t eat gluten. I just can not eat them without a bun. Eating them plain is just gross to me. I’ve only had 3 burgers in the past year and couldn’t even tolerate them because of the fall apart buns, the rubbery buns and let’s not talk about taste.

  3. The photos are making me hungry! Haven’t seen this brand in our whole foods stores. I would love to make a regular old peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a hot dog w/a bun (there really are no good buns available) and sandwiches. I miss being able to make a sandwich turkey, ham & cheese, blt. Thanks for sharing that you found a yummy gluten free product it really is trial and error.

  4. I would make my son (who has celiac) french toast, PB and J sandwich, egg sandwich, and other nice soft sandwiches for lunch instead of toasting everything!

  5. The first thing I would make is french toast, then a hamburger. Yummmyyyyy. This is the only gluten free bread I eat now because it’s the only kind that I have found that tastes good. I wish I didn’t have to buy it frozen, would love to have it fresh. I would also love to have a hot dog on a bun, Haven’t had one of those in over a year when I found out I had a sever gluten intolerance.

  6. The first thing I would do is make french toast. I haven’t had decent french toast since I went GF. And then a hot dog on a bun for lunch… Oh the possibilities 🙂

  7. I’d make french toast, a chicken salad sandwich, a good ‘ole greasy hamburger, a hotdog in an actual bun, and……oh my, the possibilities are endless, it’s impossible to choose just one thing!!!

  8. Oh my gosh, too many choices! First a real, honest to God mini Philly Cheese on the hotdog bun….that REQUIRES a soft bun and I miss them so! Then a tuna sandwich on white with way too much mayo and American cheese…another one where the bread has to squish to make it yummy. I can practically taste it now! Yummmmmmmmmmmmm……

  9. Oh my Lord…I would so make my 4 year old french toast…and grilled cheese…and peanut butter sandwiches. The choices are endless and I have a little boy who LOVES your new bread!
    Oh, and meatballs!

  10. Ahh, bread. How I long for you, and for a really good homemdade sandwich with juicy, red, pesticide and preservative free tomatoes and crisp bibb lettuce from my garden,a few slices of really good bacon from the butcher, cooked to the perfection of crispness, with a swipe of homemade mayo perfected with fresh basil (again from my garden), lovingly layered and sliced diagonally the way my Momma used to. BLT and summer go together like Kinnikinnick bread and good taste! Can’t ya just taste it?

  11. Ooh! BLT! No, wait! A hamburger! No, wait, wait!! An egg salad sandwich! No, no, wait!! A…A…grilled ham cheese and tomato sandwich! wait, wait!! All of them!!!

  12. I’ve been looking everywhere and even asking my stores to bring in Kinnikinnick soft bread. So far no luck.
    When you said about the smell of fresh bread I actually started to salivate. My mom would bake bread every Saturday when I grew up and I miss the smell and the soft, warm taste of fresh bread.
    I don’t know what I would make truthfully, as I miss many old favorites.
    I think I probably would grill a hot dog and enjoy it on a soft bun. Mmmmmm!

  13. If I won, I would make a cheeseburger with all the fixings! I would also make a chicken sandwich and enjoy the bread without having to toast it!

  14. If I won, the first thing I would make would be a soy nut butter and grape jelly sandwich. You really can’t get the right chewy effect without properly soft bread! I haven’t found one to my satisfaction yet.

  15. Tomato and cheese with mayo would be my first choice. Then probably peanut butter and jelly and then egg salad. But I’d have to try french toast.

  16. The first thing I would make is chocolate bread pudding for my son. He does not like it because of the crumbley texture you get from other gluten free bread.

  17. A fried egg and bacon sandwhich on the bread. The buns make a juicy hamburger over the charcoals and fix it with all the extras. MMM MMMM good. Mouth watering, finger licking and multiple napkins required.

  18. I would love to serve my son any type of sandwich without toasting the bread! He has been gluten free for almost 13 years and I would be so happy to see him enjoy a great sandwich 😉
    We love Kinnikinnick!!

  19. Without a doubt — a BLT sandwich on nice fresh, soft white bread which wouldn’t need to be toasted (for once). I’ve been craving that for YEARS!

  20. I’ve been craving all kinds of simple sandwiches like I used to have when I was a kid. My mom would make roasts – beef or pork – and slice them thin as leftovers. With lettuce, tomato and mayo on a soft roll, it’s the perfect sandwich. I like fancier sandwiches, too, but sometimes just a few ingredients are enough!

  21. I’d make some pulled pork in my Crock Pot for a sandwich or three, because I haven’t been able to enjoy one of these since discovering I have celiac over 5 years ago.

  22. One of my favourite things that my mum used to make when I was a kid was sausage on a bun. I have her recipe for homemade sliced sausage that is easy to make gluten free. That’s what I would make first. I haven’t had one for years….

  23. I would love to have a brat or hot dog on a hot dog bun loaded with onion & ketchup! Have not had one of these on a bun since going gluten-free almost 2 years ago!!

  24. Sometimes the best treats (like grilled cheese) are the simple ones. In my case, the first thing I would make would be a peanut butter and jelly sammich. It’s simply one of my favorites!

  25. If I won, the first thing I would make would be a gooey, melty, grilled cheese sandwich! I haven’t had one in forever and it sounds so amazing. 🙂

  26. I would DEFINITELY have a hot dog or hamburger on a bun with a side of home made fries! I can’t eat either of those things without a bun, so to do so would be amazing! Also, I would love to have a PB&J on soft bread!

  27. Would absolutely LOVE to have a good old fashioned PB&J! There’s something to be said for the soft, gummy, white bread feel that I just can’t seem to get with the typical crumbly GF Breads.

  28. I would make me a juicy Hamburger. I have had the celiac disease since 2006 and tried all kinds of bread but thank God i found this bread and Hamburger buns it is the best.

  29. Ooooh – I miss a few things. Which would be first? I just do not know, 🙂 hmmm – Either an egg salad sandwich on soft bread, a hamburger or a grilled cheese sandwich.

  30. I would let my baby girl choose what she wanted, but if I had to guess it would be either a big grilled hot dog instead of just weiners on her plate or a burger with bacon and ketchup! Then again she may choose french toast!

  31. I’ve been gluten-free for 15 years, and your products have allowed me to live a normal life. The new breads and rolls are the best…I buy them by the case! Peanut butter sandwiches are once again a reality. THANK YOU !!!!!

  32. The first thing I would make with the Kinnikinnick Soft White Bread is a pesto, tomato, and mozzarella panini. After that I would make a sandwich for my son’s school lunch. I would be so happy to be able to give him a delicious, soft white bread without the white flour.

  33. I would make some of my grandmother’s homemade coffee bread. It is a family recipe we used to eat every Christmas, and I can no longer enjoy it because it contains gluten. I would love the opportunity to make this with gluten free bread.

  34. i would make french toast and a PB&J. i would make a different sandwich for lunch for a week!! Hope to win because i cannot find your products in Tennessee!

  35. I’d make a ham n’ cheese sammich! 🙂 Trying to tackle the ‘gluten-free’ lifestyle has been a challenge, but my doctor says my gluten intolerance is something that has to be addressed. So I’m up for the challenge and winning some delicious bread would help the cause!

  36. After 33 years of being diagnosed Celiac I have tried many horrible breads! I would love to take an egg salad sandwich to work (teacher) or make a Monte Cristo with my grade 11’s without it falling apart in the egg mixture, and then a clubhouse where I can have bread with every bite — no eating with my fingers as it falls apart in my hands.

  37. If I won the first thing I would make would be burgers. I haven’t had a decent burger on a bun in years. Its that thing you miss only when you can’t have it anymore.

  38. The first thing I would make is a tuna fish sandwich. I really miss having one on bread that stays together and tastes like bread. The next thing I would make is a cucumber sandwich. It just doesn’t taste right on most of the gluten free breads available. They aren’t soft enough and they usually crumble.

  39. The first thing I would do with a box of Kinnikinnick gluten free goodness is to make a ginormous cheeseburger with grilled onions. Nothing beats the taste of burger, cheese and onion on yummy bread!

  40. If I won I would make a sandwich with fresh garden tomatoes and Isaly’s fresh chipped ham and hellmann’s mayo!!! You see I hope I win soon while garden tomatoes are still available!!! I also would make a big skillet of tomato gravy(an old family favorite) and eat it on bread–it had to be SOFT bread!!–Oh ya-I already did that as I ordered, received and ate a loaf of the new bread from the website and LOVED it!! The hot dog buns were like at a ballgame!!Ahhhh–brought back nice memories–and no anger like when I tried many other buns–I want to do these both again and again and again……OK-got the message??

  41. I would totally love to win this! I am a college student and it is so dificult to just go out and grab a bite to eat! and I have to try and find over priced organic stores 🙁 And they don’t even carry your brand of bread which I hear is awesome! I want to feel like a normal teen and eat burgers and hot dogs and pb&j! I am hoping that I win really bad. Having celiac is a hastle, this prize would make things easier for a little while. I want to make some bacon cheese burgers, grilled cheese and some stacked turkey sandwiches with lots of cheese and luttuce also some chilli cheese dogs . I love your cookies and cake mixes! they made getting through high school with this disease sooo much better, I could actually eat something! You guys are awesome.

  42. The first thing I’d make, silly as it is, is a peanut butter and honey sandwich! If it can hold up to that and still be nice and soft, I’m sold!

  43. I would make a PROPER ham sandwich (without having to toast the lousy bread to make it taste sorta like real bread) and some bread pudding.

  44. A grilled cheese sandwich with goat-cheddar! I am both dairy and gluten free and would dearly love a grilled cheese sandwich 🙂 And stuffing! Wonderful bread stuffing!

  45. When I win, I will make an awesome clubhouse sandwich. It used to be my favorite thing to order in a restaurant and I would love to have one again!

  46. The Kinnikinnick bread is amazing! It is one of the most amazing, softest breads I have ever tried and thank you for being at the Gluten Free expo so I had an opportunity to try this bread. If I won, the first thing I would make is a chicken sandwich on a Kinnikinnick hamburger bun. Oh gosh I can feel my mouth watering now! 🙂

  47. The very first thing I would make would be french toast. I have missed that a lot!! After that, it would be a toss up between a tuna melt or a BLT. Yum!!

  48. I said I would never buy another loaf of Kinnikinnick bread. You changed my opinion.My family loved the new loaves and price! Way to go Kinnikinnick’s! : ) Thank you!


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