Kinivo URBN Have High Quality Sound at an Affordable Price

kinivo urbn review

kinivo urbn reviewIf you start looking for high quality head phones, you’re going to find a huge list of options. But one thing you’ll start to notice is a high price, and mixed reviews of different brands. Kinivo has brought a pair of over the ear headphones that wont break the bank and we even have a handy coupon code that will help you save more money! We were sent a pair of the all new URBN headphones to review – and in my favorite color: Candy Apple Red!

kinivo urbn reviewThe Kinivio URBN are light weight over the ear headphones that you can use to stream your music, movies and any audio files you have on your media devices. But that’s not all they do, they are fully blue-tooth and NFC compatible and they’re even comfortable. Like several of their competitors the URBN fold to condense into a smaller space, but unlike several of the other brands the URBN come with a hard sided case for storage.

kinivo urbn reviewThe URBN boast a 20 hour battery life with constant use, that means you wont need to bring anything with you to charge them if you’re heading out of town for a trip. But if you do need a charge they will take a standard Micro USB. The soft cushions of the headphones are reminiscent of professional sound booth headphones and even the top headband has a cushioned top for comfort while wearing. The outside is of sturdy plastic and have some accent areas to give them a polished look.

kinivo urbn reviewOne of the most important things about wireless headphones of course is the technology inside, and the URBN does not disappoint. You can connect it to your phone or tablet with blue-tooth or simply tap to connect with NFC (Near Field Communication). Unlike other headphones the distance you can get on the URBN is well over 30 feet, that means you can take a call and walk around from your phone and through the whole house without dropping your call.

kinivo urbn reviewWith all of the great tech features, the best part about the URBN is the sound quality. The headphones have high quality sound that rivals the competitors, and they wont disappoint you while you’re listening to your favorite music or movies. Controlling your music couldn’t be easier as well with the buttons on the one side of the headband. The only thing that would make the URBN better would be if they had the sides labeled so you don’t put them on backwards. With that being said, as long as you pay attention to where the buttons are, you’ll never put them on wrong!

Right now Kinivo is offering a $30 off code that works on both Amazon and the Kinivo website. Use code: URBN2015 to save $30, and enjoy comfortable headphones that help keep you connected with your life. You can get the URBN in Red, Black and Grey so they will fit anyone’s style.

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