kinivo k300 review

Kinivo K300 Unboxing and Review!

kinivo k300 review

How many people are stuck with the same problem we are? With a newer TV with only one HDMI port on the back. What about your game system? Your DVD or Blu-Ray player? Do you have sound bar? If you want to plug more than one in, you need to unplug a new device each time, or find an HDMI Switch. We’ve been looking for a long time for a solution to our one port problem, and thankfully Kinivo came up with an affordable option – their K300.  I was sent the K300 to check out and review and so far it’s fit everything we’ve been looking for!

You can check out our first look here:

kinivo k300 reviewSo what’s the best part about the K300? The Kinivo K300 is a 3 port HDMI Switch. It seemlessly transfers 4K, Ultra HD and 3D images from your device to your television. And the biggest bonus for us – it allows you to plug in more than one device at a time. Now, we don’t have an excuse to not get the sound bar we desperately need to complete our home theater system. Switching between your devices is easy with a button on the front, or the remote that is included inside the box. The remote is actually pretty small, so be sure you know where you place it if you want to keep it handy. But the infrared remote makes it extremely easy to swap between one device to the other.

kinivo k300 reviewProbably one of my favorite things about the K300 is the price point, right now you can actually snag it on Amazon for only $35, instead of the normal $55. Which even at full price is pretty great compared to what we’ve seen as options over the past few years. The device is clearly labeled, so setting it up takes minimal effort. And it comes with everything you need, except of course the external devices and the HDMI cords. Included in the package is the AC power block, while it will take up another power outlet, it is designed to be slim so it takes up minimal space. The K300 was designed to be small, discrete and easy to use – I think it absolutely hit all of those marks and fits perfect into our home entertainment system.

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