Kids Can Have Some Mythical Fun with Finding Nessie

Finding Nessie Board Game Review

It doesn’t matter how old you are, there is always a fascination and curiosity about mythical creatures. And with that fun in mind, Pressman games as created Finding Nessie – a 3D board game that allows players to go through their own mythical adventure as they dry to find Nessie in Loch Ness.

Finding Nessie is targeted at kids aged 6 and older and you need at least two players. They can put their diving skills to the test as you explore the lake for Nessie! On your turn, you’ll get a chance to peek through the waters, but things aren’t always what they seem. Was that a tail or just a trick of the eye? Or might it be the rare lucky fish? Be the first to piece together the photograph of Nessie and make the discovery of the century!

Set up like a standard board game, Finding Nessie has a bit of a twist. Players place the square tokens in a pile next to the box, and place all the round tokens on the lakebed. Then place the lake surface on top of the lakebed and close the lake areas with the lake lids. Each player takes a diver and places it on a vacant lake lid. Then grab a camera tile and go find Nessie! The first person to get a complete image of Nessie wins the game. You can find other creatures in there as well.

The game is fun, and a lot different than other games. But most of all it will keep kids entertained and laughing as they play. Finding Nessie is geared towards kids, but adults will have a fun time playing along as you search for one of your favorite cryptic creatures.


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