Kid Friendly Dinner Ideas Your Family Will Love

Kid Friendly Dinner Ideas

Kid Friendly Dinner Ideas

If you have kids then you know how picky they can be when it comes to what they like to eat. Avoid dinner anxiety by choosing meals they are sure to love each and every time. Here are some ideas for kid friendly dinners.

Dinner Madness

Dinnertime is often chaotic. Kids are running around blowing off steam. Parents are trying to unwind, or in the case of mom, fixing dinner in the kitchen. Meal planning makes dinner decisions less of a problem as far as preparation. When it comes to eating the food, however, will your children be satisfied?

Calm things down by getting your children involved in the cooking. You can still prep your meals ahead of time as much as possible. What is left to be done, your children can do. For instance, let them shake the plastic bag holding the pork chops and the bread crumbs. Little hands can crumble the bacon for salads and casserole toppings. Diced potatoes can also be shaken in a bag of spices before baking. Feed their curiosity.

Kid Friendly Dinner Ideas

  1. Add an appetizer – Just because you aren’t in a restaurant doesn’t mean that appetizers are off the table. Serve up homemade pita chips and hummus or yogurt dip. Add chopped vegetables to the mix. Kids like finger foods.
  2. Jazz up their favorites – Do they like macaroni and cheese? Add diced tomatoes for color and a bit of bacon or some bread crumbs for texture. The nutritional value of that pasta dish has just been bumped up a notch.
  3. Variation on a theme – Ham and cheese is just as good on a pita with mild cheddar or mozzarella. Cut it into smaller pieces for kids to pick up. Add a side of fresh fruit.
  4. Try soup – Soup is easy to prepare and even easier to eat. Offer a choice of additions to make the meal that much tastier: toasted croutons or bread chunks, cheese cubes, diced veggies and pasta.
  5. Think about presentation – Instead of buying chicken nuggets from the store, make your own variety at home. Use an egg wash and bread crumbs to bread diced chicken pieces and bake. Add a side of oven baked French fries or homemade sweet potato fries.
  6. Try breakfast for dinner – Does your child like eggs and sausage? Create a casserole dish that incorporates both and serve it for dinner.
  7. Let them make their meal – We don’t mean from scratch. Think about having a taco or fajita night. They can choose their meat, add their toppings and choose a sauce. Kids decide what foods they like and are guaranteed to eat them.


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