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leaptv review

leaptv reviewWith the colder days coming, it means we’re going to be spending a lot more time inside this year. Thankfully in our November box from LeapFrog has given us everything we need to keep Goonie and his friends active this winter! Our November Ambassador box included a LeapTV and four fun learning games.

I fell in love with the LeapTV when I first saw it at a conference two years ago. It’s simple to use controller made it intuitive for children as well as people with motor issues. It’s also good for people like me who aren’t very good at video games in general. The control will swap from a two handle controller to a wand with a quick flip of a switch and can quickly change depending on the game you are playing.

But my favorite things about LeapTV is that it’s not only for educational games, but they often require some physical activity out of the player. That means your child wont be sitting on the floor and just staring up at a stream and getting stiff backs, behinds and fingers from playing a game. Instead, they’ll be bouncing around, swinging their arms and working on burning their energy while learning at the same time. Just think how handy that will be when they start to get cabin fever on snow days or over holiday break!

When LeapTV first came out it was a bit expensive, but on par with other gaming systems. But a year after it’s inital release, you can find the LeapTV half off on Amazon. Games range from from a few dollars and up, and can range from learning letters, math skills, drawing and some even include our favorite Pixar characters! We love our LeapTV and can’t wait to put it thru it’s paces this winter!

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