Keep Your Flowers Fresh Longer with the Amaranth Vase

Amaranth Vase Review

Like most women, I love getting flowers. But most bouquets don’t last that long and that isn’t from lack of trying. Usually the stems get water logged and soggy and that means your flowers are going to die a lot faster.

For years, I’ve pulled the flowers out of the vase and trimmed those soggy, rotting bottoms off of them. Tipped the vase over and replaced the water. It can get messy, spill water everywhere and really – is often too much of a pain. Wouldn’t it be nice if they created a vase that just made that easier to do? And it looked nice too?

Amaranth Vase Review

Let me introduce you to the Amaranth Vase, a new vase that came on the market that design is more than meets the eye. We were sent one to check out and the simple patterned outside matches our design style completely.

The Amaranth Vase comes in two parts that screw and lock together with one simple motion. The top part includes a basket almost to hold the bouquet in place and expose the stems at the same time. At the bottom of that piece is actually the plug that keeps the water in the vase as well. A quick turn of the top and your vase can completely drain out of the base without you spilling water everywhere.

Amaranth Vase Review

But what does all this mean and do? It means you have easy access to the stems in your flower bouquet for easy trimming, and you’re not going to lose the height when you do it. You can change the water inside easily whenever you want without a huge mess or hassel and it means that your arrangement can stay intact without you messing it up as you keep it fresh. But most of all, it means you will have beautiful flowers for longer because it’s not such a pain maintaining them.

While the Amaranth Vase is meant to Kratky method of growing herbs or other plants with hydroponics. The easy to access base make it an even better option as well. So while the vase is gorgeous and can be used for more than just your flower arrangements, it can be a great way to bring your outside garden in as well.


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