Keep Your Family Connected with ChargeHub Homebase

limitless innovations chargehub review

We all live on our cell phones, tablets and other smart devices. If you’re like me, you’re on your phone or device most of the day and want to make sure that you wont run out of power when you need it most. But we aren’t always near a plug and the need to stay connected is always strong. So what do you do to make sure your family can stay connected?

limitless innovations chargehub review

The easiest answer is a portable battery to keep with you, but we all have gotten them in the past and lost them. So what do you do if you want to have your family connected and not lose the power you all need? You find a product that can help you keep organized and powered up all in one place. And that product isn’t that far out of reach! Check out the ChargeHub HomeBase by Limitless Innovations.

limitless innovations chargehub review

When Limitless Innovations first reached out about sending us the ChargeHub HomeBase we thought it was just the docking station for the piles of power banks we already have. A device we could utilize to charge and organize what we already have, but when it arrived we were pleasantly surprised that the dock actually came fully equipped with four power banks that can be used with it as well as cords that you can use for your phone or devices so there is one centralized charging location.

The four power banks included are all 4000 mAH, providing at least one full charge for your phone and the slim design make them easy to travel with and to even pack in your pocket or purse. The power banks are all different colors so each member of your family can always have their own, and they also all feature a flash light which means even if you aren’t using it to charge your device it can be useful if need a little extra light while you are out.

limitless innovations chargehub review

The ChargeHub HomeBase has nodes in the base that the power banks fit easily into and all can be charged at the same time. With a small drawer a the base of the device so you can store extra cords and make sure you always have what you need.

Grab one one of the power banks on your way out the door and make sure you have the power you need. And when you get home, simply return your phone and the power bank to the Homebase with everyone in your family so everything is one place, easy to find and perfectly charged when you need it. Get your Limitless Innovations ChargeHub Homebase here and make sure your family never is without power when they need it most!

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