Keep Their Bikes Safe with MasterLock Bike Cables

masterlock bike cord review

masterlock bike cord reviewWe all want to be more active, and there is a huge trend in cycling to and from work and school now days. But how do you keep them safe once you’re at your destination? Or how can you be sure your kids bike is safe while they’re in school all day? Thankfully, there are brands that we’ve all used for years making products we can trust. MasterLock has locking bike cords, and even sell a set for the biking family.

masterlock bike cord reviewMasterLock sent me one of their Bike Cord 3 packs, containing 3 six foot cords, all keyed the same. The set comes with a bright green, blue and red cord that have one joining point. The cord circles back into the lock and you simply lock and unlock it with the key in the end. You can use it to secure your bikes, or other equipment you leave outside.

Besides the color options, I like that the set is keyed the same. This makes it easy for a group to ride together and only have to worry about one key for the trip. It also comes in handy if you have a child that loses their key, or worse yet – the plastic housing breaks off of yours. The set is a great way to secure your bikes at school, and perfect if you have more than one child. Not all back to school essentials are for in the classroom! We are using ours for a nice ride out – and since we’re trying to get out more, we can take it on the go and ride the bike to the store and beyond.



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