kansas miracles out of nowhere review

Kansas Miracles Out of Nowhere Collector’s Set Now Available

kansas miracles out of nowhere reviewWe all have our favorite bands, and some from the past are ones that stay favorites for years. This year for the holidays Sony Legacy is releasing some pretty fantastic sets for the ultimate music fans. One of the sets they sent us to check out is the Kansas Miracles Out of Nowhere documentary set. A set full of information and music by Kansas as well as other singers.

kansas miracles out of nowhere reviewKansas Miracles Out of Nowhere¬†includes a CD and a DVD documentary as part of the set. The film features the true story of what it took for the classic rock band Kansas to make it to the big screen and out of obscurity. In the first time in almost 30 years, all six band members are featured in the film as they revisit Topeka where the band was originally discovered. The film also includes interviews with Garth Brookes, Brian May and Brendon O’Brien to name a few. It features music, history and a great story of how one favorite classic rock band made it to the big time.

The Miracles out of Nowhere set also includes a CD with greatest hits as well as film excerpts and audio commentary. This set is a great gift for people who love Kansas and their music, and is currently available on Amazon and in stores.

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