Kajillionaire Is a Bizarre Coming of Age Story

Kajillionaire Review
(L to R) Evan Rachel Wood as "Old Dolio Dyne", Debra Winger as "Theresa Dyne" and Richard Jenkins as "Robert Dyne" in director Miranda July's KAJILLIONAIRE, a Focus Features release. Credit : Matt Kennedy / Focus Features

It doesn’t matter your background, but how your parents raised you determines who you are today. The lens we see the world through is shaped by our experiences, and the ones they provide us. But what would your world be if you were raised as a grifter and taught nothing but the “game” throughout your whole life?

Kajillionaire follows Old Dolio and her parents as they are looking for their next con – and a way past the debts they’re racking up. Old Dolio comes up with an original con that requires them to fly to another state and back – and on the way her parents meet Melanie, a beautiful stranger that they bring into the game. With changes happening between the family and the influence of Melanie on some of their plans – Old Dolio starts to wonder where she fits in the scheme of things.

Kajillionaire Review
(L to R) Richard Jenkins as “Robert Dyne”, Debra Winger as “Theresa Dyne” and Evan Rachel Wood as “Old Dolio Dyne” in director Miranda July’s KAJILLIONAIRE, a Focus Features release. Credit : Matt Kennedy / Focus Features

Like many other Focus Feature films, the basics of the story are there but the film seems to be lacking slighting in some parts. The characters are bizarre – which isn’t a problem. But their quirks almost seem like a caricature of what they’re suppose to be. Old Dolio is played by Even Rachel Woods, and she almost disappears into the character making you forget that she’s actually the one behind the character. The deep almost baritone voice she created for Old Dolio is off putting and seems almost as bizarre as the rest of the film.

What Kajillionaire does have going for it is an artistic flair and quirks that will keep you watching. Unlike many other art pieces or passion projects that get brought to the screen, Kajillionaire has just enough quirks to make it interested. While the premise ends up being a bit predictable – Kajillionaire is a movie that doesn’t feel like you’ve wasted two hours watching. Even with all of it’s extreme points.

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About Kajillionaire

From acclaimed writer/director Miranda July comes a profoundly moving and wildly original comedy. Con-artists Theresa (Debra Winger) and Robert (Richard Jenkins) have spent 26 years training their only daughter, Old Dolio (Evan Rachel Wood), to swindle, scam, and steal at every opportunity. During a desperate, hastily conceived heist, they charm a stranger (Gina Rodriguez) into joining their next scam, only to have their entire world turned upside down.

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