juggle bubble review

Juggle Bubbles – Do they Work? #Christmascountdown

Juggle Bubble Review
By now, you’ve probably seen the commercials for Juggle Bubbles. I have a friend who’s kids were begging her for them! So when we were offered a set to review, we had to see if they worked. It is of course in the name of science!

Juggle Bubble s Review

Juggle Bubbles is another product that kids love on TV, and in one package is promised everything you need for hours of fun. Inside your Juggle Bubbles Activity kit is a pair of magic gloves, your Juggle Bubbles Solution, a tray and a bubble blower. All you need now, is a little patience and some imagination.

We’ve been blowing bubbles for years in our house, so we figured that all you had to do with the Juggle Bubbles is put the bubble solution in the tray and use the blower. However it’s not that easy with Juggle Bubbles. The solution for Juggle Bubble’s isn’t traditional bubble solution, it’s actually a special formulation that makes it so they don’t pop as easily.

Juggle Bubbles Review

The trick to getting Juggle Bubbles to blow up large is actually pointing the blower down, not out like we’re use to. This lets gravity help out a little bit, but doesn’t put the strain on the bubble as you create it. The next step will be to take your blower and gently rock it back and forth. This way your bubble will release and land in the waiting hand of an excited child. We actually found that it works better when one person is creating the Juggle Bubbles and another is ready to catch them and play. However, you could potentially do both yourself. Even though Juggle Bubbles are for ages 5 and up, we found that Goonie had a hard time balancing the special techniques used to create the bubbles as well as catch them in his hands. So for now the team system works best for us!

Juggle Bubbles Review

Something else to consider with Juggle Bubbles – you MUST use the magic gloves. I’m not sure what they’re made of, or if regular gloves might work just as well. But the oil and dirt on your skin will pop the bubbles, the gloves prevent that. The gloves included in the kit were a bit too big for Goonie but too small for me.

So did the Juggle Bubbles work? We were able to create giant bubbles, and even got a few to disconnect and into the hands of an eager Goonie. However, after a few bounces it popped right away. They sadly didn’t juggle very long for us! That doesn’t mean that you wont have better luck than we did.

Juggle Bubbles are available at Target, CVS, online and on Amazon. The low price and small size make them a great stocking stuffer.

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