Project One Thing a Day

Join Us in Project One Thing a Day #1ThingADay

Project One Thing a DayThe new year always means new goals, and let’s be honest, most people set unobtainable ones. Each year we vow we’re going to eat healthier, work out, or finally do the things on our bucket list. And for the first week… well we do it. But a lot of those goals aren’t met because we try to do it all at once, not work our way into it. We’ve heard that if you change your habit for three weeks, it will become a second nature to you and becomes easier to do. So this year we’re approaching those goals differently, and inviting you to try it with us.

We moved into this house over two years ago and while the upstairs is fully livable – our basement still remains unpacked and mostly in boxes. There are a lot of items we haven’t located because life is busy and we don’t have the time and dig through every box. And while I’ve tried to organize and keep things clean and locate some of those items – the work I end up doing is undone in a week or two.

So instead of going full tilt and giving up in a week or two of setting this goal – I’m only going to do one thing a day. Yes, just one. And here is the beauty of the plan – it’s small, it’s obtainable and something that I can work on.

What do I mean by “only doing one thing?” It’s really that simple – each day I’m going to do clean out one drawer, one shelf, one cabinet, one closet or if I’m really in the cleaning mood – one room. We’ve done it the other way, why not make it an obtainable goal this year?¬†Choose your thing, whatever it is and tackle just one a day. You’ll be amazed at how quickly they add up. Miss a day or a thing? Give yourself a break and start again.

I’m not going to create a daily to-do list like some sites do – I never even follow them, so why would you? It’s a personal and private goal but one that can help us all through the new year.

Clean out that drawer, purge the old, and organize each bit of your house one thing at a time. We’ll share our journey as we go, and invite you to join us. Use the hashtag #1ThingADay if you join as well! Here’s to a more organized home, life and workflow!

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