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Join Michigan’s Dairy Farmers and Pour it Forward

Pour it Forward
Milk is a staple in our house, we go through at least a gallon a week. We use dairy in our recipes as well as in our glasses with our dinner every night. When milk is low in our house it can be a a big problem. So I can’t even imagine not having milk in our house.

In Michigan alone, 1 in 4 children are food insecure. What does that mean? It means that on a daily basis these children don’t know where their food is coming from, and may not have the basics like milk at their home. While their families may rely on food banks, the average food bank can usually only provide one gallon of milk for a family per year. What we go through weekly…

So this holiday season Kroger and Forgotten Harvest have paired up with Michigan’s Dairy Farmers to end this food shortage. You may have heard the radio commercials about it. But whenever you visit your local Kroger you can purchase a gallon milk scan card and donate 1, 5 or more gallons of milk. The cost? What it would normally cost you to buy a gallon of milk! Right now it will only cost you $2.49 to donate a gallon of milk that can help change the holiday season for a child in your local community.

Each gallon of milk purchased is 16 glass of milk for children in our own state. The goal of Pour it Forward is to provide 25,000 gallons of milk to Michigan’s children. In the first few days of the campaign they’ve already provided 2000 gallons!

I made my first donation this week, and will be donating more while the campaign goes on. It doesn’t take much to help provide the nutrition our local children need! Consider buying a gallon or more the next time you’re shopping at your local Kroger store

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