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Jabra StyleWhen you work for yourself you don’t have all of the resources that you may have while working for a large company. But you don’t have to have a big board room to teleconference or meet with companies or clients. If you have the right technology you can make the big impact on any budget.

Jabra sent me their new Style Headset to test out with my devices, and while it has a simple design, it exceeds expectation in sound and function.

The Jabra Style comes with the headset with a rigid boom, two interchangeable ear pieces, a plastic ear wrap and a micro-usb charger. Unlike other Bluetooth headsets the Style can be paired with a regular Bluetooth connection as well as NFC touch interface. You can instantly transfer a call to the headset with the tap of your device. Your Style will come with a partial charge, but once fully charged can last up to 168 hours. That’s a lot longer than any bluetooth headset I’ve had in the the past.

Jabra Style

When the Style first arrived at the house I turned it on, within a few seconds it was asking to pair with my device. Long gone are the days of fighting with the headset to put it in pairing mode, the Style does it automatically. Once my phone located the Style it instantly connected.

All of my calls were clear and loud through the Style. I changed the ear gel piece to the one with the directed speaker since it felt more natural for me. It seemed to hold the headset in place better as I moved around while I talked. The only thing that is a bit of a drawback for me is the ear wrap piece – it is a hard formed plastic. It was not the most comfortable when I was wearing my glasses as well as a headband. That being said, when the other elements were removed it was comfortable and I wore the headset for several hours. The ear wrap portion is easy to flip for your other ear if that is more comfortable for your daily use.

The style has a simple design with parts that are quickly and easily changed for your comfort and use. I loved how easy it was to connect and use on the go.

You can find the Jabra Style at Verizon Wireless and TMobile 

Find Jabra Online: 

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