Jabra Step Wireless – Get Moving to the Music #JabraStep

Jabra Step Wireless
Jabra Step Review
A lot of people have made the commitment to move more, it’s the beginning of a new year so why not try to make those changes we need to in our lives. It doesn’t matter if I’m sitting at a desk all day, or working in the yard – music is a must. It can help you move faster, better and keep going. Music can be the motivation you need to keep moving and the Jabra Step is there to help.

Jabra Step Review

Jabra sent me their new Step Wireless, and the first thing I could think was it’s not as streamlined as usual. Most Jabra products I’ve reviewed in the past are smoother, slimmer. But the boxy shape has a purpose and doesn’t effect the feel of the earbuds as you are wearing them. Instead they fit gently in your ear and the ear shape helps block out other noises while you are listening to music or taking a call.

Jabra Step Review




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