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Jabra Stealth Review
Jabra Stealth Review
As my schedule seems to be getting busier with work and meetings, I’m finding that more and more I’m in need of a quality Bluetooth headset to keep up. One that not only keeps up with me while I’m running around town, but also holds a charge and keeps up with the ever changing technology of my phones. That is exactly what the Jabra Stealth does, and I was excited to try it out when Jabra sent me one to review.

Jabra Stealth Review

First things first, let’s talk about those new ear gels – I LOVE the red/orange color. But even more than the color, I love how the ear bud fits – you can use it easily with or without an ear wrap.

But the new color isn’t my favorite thing about the Stealth – my favorite things? The Google Now button! With my past Bluetooth devices, I wasn’t able to use my Google Now function through the device while driving. (This would be the same as using Siri on the iPhone with the Stealth). But now with the quick tap of a button I can reach my built in personal assistant, get directions or the phone number for whatever I need while driving. It’s a feature I’ve been waiting for for a long time on all of my Bluetooth devices!

The Jabra Stealth also boasts up to 6 hours of talk time, NFC and Bluetooth pairing, and noise cancellation. It also isn’t just a device to take calls on like other Bluetooth devices, instead you can actually stream your media and enjoy it on the go with the Stealth. The small size packed with awesome features makes the Stealth the strongest little Bluetooth out there, even if you may not see it while someone’s wearing it. With the small size, just be prepared for someone to think you might be talking to yourself ;).

The Jabra Stealth is available now at ATT! Check them out to get yours for your favorite techie’s stocking!

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