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Jabra Soulmate Mini
One of the biggest trends right now is a mobile speaker to go with your phone. Let’s face it, your phone has most of your stuff on it anyhow. I use mine to all the time to listen to the radio when I’m at work, but sometimes I want to hear it louder than the speakers on my phone. Jabra sent me one of their Solemate Mini speakers, and it shocked me how much sound piped out of the speaker.
Jabra Soulmate Mini

The Jabra Solemate Mini isn’t much bigger than my phone. Actually lengthwise my phone is longer. Overall the Solemate Mini is only a couple inches wide and a couple inches tall. It fits perfectly in my purse or in my bag on my way out the door to work.

Setting up the Solemate Mini, you simply turn it on and it automatically detects your phone. You can connect to the Solemate Mini via Blu-Tooth, NFC (Near Field Communication) or tether it to a device through a speaker jack (attached to the bottom of the Mini). When you turn on your Mini for the first time you will hear a voice tell you to connect your phone to get started. It does so in quite a sultry voice, that it made us laugh a bit. But once we were connected we were shocked at the amount of sound that came out of the little speaker system.

Your Solemate Mini will play music right out of the box, and will provide loud sound for 8 continuous hours. This makes it perfect for you holiday parties, camping, or partying on the go.

Even on the lowest setting the Solemate Mini cracks out some powerful sound. Enough to fill a room with music while out taking up a lot of space. The sound quality is hi-fi, so it clear and sounds the best you would find through a speaker system. It is also loud enough that the speaker will actually vibrate the surface it’s sitting on.

The Solemate Mini isn’t just a great sound system, because it can connects to your phone via blue-tooth you can also use it for taking your phone calls. Take and receive phone calls quickly by tapping the side of your speaker with your NFC capable phone and easily have a conversation with someone on the speaker instantly.

I love how small and convenient the Jabra Soulmate Mini is, but the amount of sound it pumps out is just amazing. It’ll be perfect for our upcoming parties and the long nights at work.

You can order the Jabra Soulemate Mini on Amazon or through Jabra’s Website!

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