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Jabra Rox review
Jahbra Rox Review
Our music is available without wires, shouldn’t our lives be? There are so many different options to listen to your music, but not all work with our lives. Jabra offers several different solutions to take your music on the go, including the Jabra Rox. Wireless headphones to wear while you work out, clean go for a run and more.
Jabra Rox Review
When we were sent the Jabra Rox, my first thought is that they are not completely wireless. There is one wire that connects the ear buds. But by wireless they mean they don’t need to be wired to your device to provide their sound to you. Instead they work with NFC or Bluetooth to connect with your media player.

Once you’re connected, just put them in each ear and the wired strap behind your neck and you’re ready to go. They’re easy to use and labeled for which ear to use them in. With Dolby sound, you get rocking sound quality while you’re on the go.

The sound isn’t all that Rox beats out competitors with, it also has a couple great features. Snap your headphones together and the magnet helps save battery when not in use. They are also weather resistant, don’t worry about running in the rain – you can still take your tunes with you.

Easy to use, quality sound and a comfortable fit – Jabra Rox has everything a busy person needs to be on the go. It’s available on Amazon and on Jabra’s website.

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