Jabra Revo Wireless Headphones Review – Wireless fun with Bluetooth and NFC

jabra revo review
Jabra Revo Wireless
I’ve had a cell phone since I was 15, half my life now. But as soon as Bluetooth technology came out there always were must have objects to go with my phones. While I’ve tried a lot of different brands, the most comfortable and versatile products I found always seemed to be made by Jabra.

Just last month they asked if I wanted to be a Jabra Ambassador and I couldn’t be happier. To start off as an ambassador is reviewing one of their newest products – the Revo Wireless Headphones! When they arrive in the mail it was almost like Christmas! I played with them a little bit back in June when I was at Reviewer’s Retreat – but now I really got to test them out!

Jabra Revo Wireless

Like I mentioned before, I have had a lot of Jabra products over the years. I have a habit of losing my ear buds, and always buying the same one over and over again. Yes, they were more expensive than other brands but they had the features I liked including: comfortable ear pieces (both in and around the ear), good sound quality and noise reduction.

When the Jabra Revo Headphones arrived I was excited – remember I said It was like Christmas? Every detail of the headphones, down the packaging was well designed. They had special spacers and inserts in the box to make them sit perfectly.

While the Revo Headphones are wireless they come with a special cord you can use if you want to use them on something that doesn’t have Bluetooth or NFC. The headphones also come with a USB cord to charge the headset or to connect to other devices, as well as a special carrying bag. I’ll admit it – I haven’t gotten rid of the original box – it’s designed that well!

Jabra Revo Wireless

The headphones boast a comfortable ear pad. They’re not like others that almost feel smothering, or make you sweat while you’re wearing them – they are soft and help block out outside noise. On the base of each side are the connectors either for the USB cable or even the audio input.

Jabra Revo Wireless

The sleek design of the outside of the Revo wireless headphones are both form and function. Your volume control is on the circle of the outside, where you can run your finger up or down the side to control the volume on the go.

This is also where you can connect your phone using NFC. What is NFC? It’s like Bluetooth but doesn’t require a pin! NFC is very new, so new in fact that few phones have it. There are a few like Samsung Galaxy and the Blackberry Z10 – and I’m currently testing the Blackberry Z10, so I had to give it a try.

I always keep my NFC turned on, on my phone. Not that everyone has it – but it’s easier than turning it off and back on. But when I want to share music, images or whatever with my friends I can easily do it just by tapping the back of their phone and not worrying about turning it back on.

To connect my Blackberry to the Revo Wireless headphones I simply hold it to the side of the headphones. You feel a quick vibration and it is connected with your phone! If you wanted to listen to your favorite music on your phone, on your app or even talk on the phone, it’s a quick transfer and so easy to do.

Jabra Revo Wireless

A simple feature of the Revo Wireless headphones that I really like is the headband portion. It’s not constricting like other headphones, and is padded. Not only is it comfortable, but you don’t have to worry about it leaving marks in your hair if you wear it for a long time. The headband is also flexible, you can twist and bend it and it wont break – just think of all those times the old headphones use to get bent or broken in your bag!

Jabra Revo Wireless

An important feature of the Revo wireless headphones is inside each ear pad. They are actually marked right and left. While this doesn’t seem very important for listening to music, if you plan on using them to take phone calls it is extremely important. There is only one microphone on the headphones, and if you have them on backwards the person on the other end of the line wont be able to hear you.

When you’re done with the Revo headphones you can fold them up and put them in their carrying bag with the matching cords. Be sure to keep those cords with the headphones, you never know when they’ll come in handy.

The sound quality is fantastic, and they have the same comfort I expect in all of the products I have bought from Jabra over the years. I’ll be honest, I’ve been using them more to make phone calls than listen to music or watch movies on my laptop – they’re just that good!

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