Jabra Pace Earbuds – Technology to Keep Up with You

jabra pace review

jabra pace review

Do your ear buds keep up with you? Do they charge quick enough and are they weather resistant? Chances are you are like me, and the answer is no. But there are some new ones on the market who do all of these things and more – the Jabra Pace. Jabra sent me a set of the pace to test out, and while I’m not a distance runner – keeping them going while I’m working out, mowing the lawn or cleaning the house is important.

jabra pace reviewThe Jabra Pace are ear buds that wrap around the back of our ears, and their cord does hang behind your head but it is light weight and doesn’t annoy you while you’re on the go. The ear wraps are similar to the other ear buds I use to take calls, so they were extremely comfortable to wear, and once you select the inserts they fit snuggly inside your ears and helps keep outside noises out.

jabra pace reviewWhile the Pace is primarily meant to be used for streaming audio and movies from your devices (be sure to check out the Jabra Sport Life App for workout playlists,  provide in-ear readouts during workouts: pace, time, distance, calories burned!) they can also be used to take calls and stay connected on the go. With easy to control volume and power buttons right on the cord, you can change your songs or volume quickly without breaking your stride. Expect the great Jabra audio quality, and comfort you’ve come to know and expect from these devices.

jabra pace reviewThe Jabra Pace has a few extra features hidden that make them a better option to other workout ear buds. They have easy NFC and Bluetooth connections, a total stream time of 5 hours and can get an hour charge in just 15 minutes. But if you love working out, take your Pace on the go in any weather with rain, sweat, shock and dust resistance designed to military standards. The Jabra Pace will keep up with you no matter where your workout takes you and help motivate you to keep going.

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